June 1, 2023

South Sudan News Agency

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North Korea continues its war preparations

In a meeting chaired by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, KCNA said the decisions were taken in light of the current security situation, stressing that “the belligerent provocations of the US and South Korea are approaching the red line”. The news agency did not provide any details.

On Thursday, North Korea’s military conducted a missile test, and Kim Jong Un ordered the country’s military to step up preparations for a possible “real war.”

The U.S. and South Korea begin the Independence Shield military exercise on Monday. Pyongyang has repeatedly protested against joint maneuvers between Seoul and Washington, calling the moves key tests for an attack on North Korea.

While the United States and South Korea cite the communist state’s ballistic missile program as one of the reasons for the military drills, Pyongyang says missile upgrades are needed for self-defense.

Last year, North Korea conducted more than 70 missile tests, including several intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests, in violation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

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