January 29, 2023

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No Hungarian minister has received a Ukrainian ambassador since the war began

Since the start of the war in February, no member of the government has received the Ukrainian ambassador to Budapest. Lubov Nepop Ambassador A. Partition on Monday night show He spoke about the events of recent months and the Hungarian election campaign.

Nabop said Ukraine was not helping the opposition’s campaign in any way. Ambassador Morton Gலlis repeatedly stated that Ukraine’s clear goal was to avoid all forms of interference and that they did not want such an assumption. Nepop said both he and she Volodymyr Zhelensky The President addressed only the decision makers, that is, the government.

Ambassador Zhelensky spoke about the style and statements in which the Ukrainian president communicates only openly, believing that direct talk between friends and allies is very important. However, Nabop also noted that there were “strong statements” from the Hungarians towards the Ukrainian side, but he did not categorize them.

He also spoke of the fact that Nabop wanted to, but could not compromise Peter Sizzardo With the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, only his deputy could have received him. He did the same Deborah Benco And with the Minister of Defense: According to the ambassador, Penco could not meet him only because of one of the interim plans, he only consulted with his deputy.

The ambassador thanked Hungary for its assistance so far, but said better cooperation was needed between the two countries. He also commented on the exchange of arms:

Giving or not giving is your sovereign right – but it is my duty as ambassador to say what we need and why it is good for Hungary.

In an interview, he said that if Nepal had not stopped Russia, Ukraine would no longer exist and that anyone who organized sympathy for the Russian regime in Budapest would have sided with the Soviet army in Vienna in 1956.

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Lyubov Nabop also clarified the previous statement: as he said, he had not previously said that their strategic peace for the Hungarians would be only in the grave, but that strategic peace would lead to the death of the Ukrainians.

The ambassador also told the story of a 23-year-old woman who had previously escaped from Donetsk and is now dead in a mass grave in Buxa.

He was shot in the head, but was raped before he could be killed. This girl can be seen in beauty contests, but she is not now.

Nabop said Budapest is a suburb of Kiev and Buxa is similar to Budaierz or Budakessi, where there are no strategic or military objects, just a plantation town.

The Ukrainian ambassador said in an interview that the government was receiving little official information on the situation of those coming to Hungary from Ukraine. Although they were informed that more than 600,000 had come as refugees, ten thousand of them had been placed, 15,000 had applied for refugee status and four thousand had received it, but no meaningful information about them was known, for example, 53 children who had crossed the border without parents. (via hvg.hu, telex.hu)