June 2, 2023

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NHL Trade Degrees – Carolina Hurricanes land Max Dome in deal with Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers

NHL Trade Degrees - Carolina Hurricanes land Max Dome in deal with Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers

After the puck jump: Columbus blue jackets are traded forward Max Domy to the Florida Panthers along with the 2022 sixth round pick (originally Toronto) for defender Tyler Inamoto. The Blue Jackets kept 50% of Domi’s salary. Then Florida switched Domi to Carolina in order to advance Igor KorshkovIn return for keeping 25% of Domi’s salary. The Hurricanes then replaced Burgman Defense Aidan Hrishuk to Columbus for Inamoto.

Now you can understand why this trade was announced about three and a half hours after the deadline. But let’s dive into how each GM works along the way:

success or failure Max Domy In Carolina, he depends on two things: his relationship with the coach Rod Princemore And whether his “mostly offensive, not so much defense” game can thrive within the system they play.

Hurricanes are somewhat stacked in the center, which means that Domy should be tasked with playing on the wing, where he is more effective as a playmaker and less responsible on defense. He can fill the role that Jordan Martinock He played until the last return from his injury “week to week”. One of the things GM Don Waddell loves about Domi is that he “plays with advantage,” and that has always been his calling card.

The Brind’Amour part of this is intriguing, if only because Domi’s relationship with his coaches has affected his playing. There was talk of problems with Claude Julien in Montreal. His torn relationship with John Tortorella in Columbus is well documented, which is one of the reasons Domy seems to be a completely different player with the jackets this season. Can Brind’Amour help him reclaim what made him a top six striker one day, or will he end up as another coach’s struggle?

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It’s worth knowing about this, and not just because Domi’s contract has expired. Hurricanes are only responsible for 25% of his salary in this triangular trade. KHL striker Igor Korshkov, the previous second-round pick by Toronto, was not a big loss. Aidan Hreschuk was a third-rounder in last year’s draft, and he played for Boston College this season, and they transferred him to Wisconsin defenseman Tyler Inamoto.

Hreschuk is small (5ft-11) but plays well with disc. He’s a better prospect than Inamoto, and could eventually make the NHL a low-key offensive defensive man, especially if he improves on his position to make up for his lack of skating speed. He recently completed his freshman season at Boston College. Given that they were giving up on Domi, that’s okay.

Korshkov played one game for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2019-20 season, and spent the rest of the time at the AHL. He played seven seasons in the KHL and produced strong offensive numbers in his last two seasons with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. He is only 25 years old; Maybe GM Bill Zito and his scouts might see something there? They also pulled the sixth-placed out of a deal in which they held 25% of Domi’s contract.

Some question why the Panthers help facilitate a trade that enables a potential play-off opponent to get a player on the deadline. Probably because the leopards watched Domi play.