September 29, 2023

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New species may be discovered 24.Hoo

A new one Study The authors write that it is worthwhile to introduce a new human race into taxonomy, reports IFLScience.

A Q Potential It may have been the direct ancestor of modern man.

Researchers have outlined a new taxonomy by studying previously found 774-129 thousand year old African and Eurasian fossils. During this era, our species grew up in Africa Homo sapiens, And by our Eurasian cousin Neanderthal. The Middle Pleistocene period is very confusing from an evolutionary point of view, and the classification of many contemporary discoveries is controversial.

Mirzana Roxandic, A colleague and colleague at the University of Winnipeg, many African and Eurasian fossils Homo hydelpergensisTo one of the last possible common ancestors of our species and Neanderthals, it was like that Homo rhododendronsBound. However, the team finds that a significant portion of the findings are now presented Q PotentialCan be connected.

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Experts see a Homo hydelpergensis No post is required because it was later discovered that many of its models were actually early Neanderthals. The Homo rhododendrons Not well defined, many researchers do not even identify the species, name, Cecil Rhodes, Recalled one of the most controversial figures in British imperialism.

Under the new proposal, the current classification should be rejected and most central Pleistocene is present in Africa and some should be eliminated in southern Europe. Q PotentialTo be connected. According to experts, other Eurasian fossils may have been attributed to Neanderthals.

Many researchers are unlikely to agree with the new approach, but Roxandic and colleagues see the need to start something with a chaotic era. Roxandic stressed that renaming in the industry is not easy and can only be done following the strict rules of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.

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