August 10, 2022

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung: The West wants peace and gas, but Putin has a different plan

“Nobody knows if deliveries will be restored next week. That’s why German industry and politics are nervous, and with good reason,” believes the Swiss paper’s editor.

He writes that the Russian president is watching from the box as the opposition crumbles in the threatened Western world. Peter RazoniSwiss World Newspaper, The Neue Zürcher Head of its Foreign Policy Division HVG Testified.

The Kremlin has not bothered to replace the money lost because it is said to be maintaining Nord Stream with other pipelines. No one knows if supplies will be restored next week. This is why German industry and politics are nervous – and with good reason, Razoni believes. Above all, there is a strong suspicion that Russian strategists are deliberately stoking uncertainty and putting pressure on the German government and society. There is already a lot of public anger over rising gas prices. This is accompanied by fears that due to gas shortages, many jobs will disappear in winter and apartments will be cold, he adds.

After that, the public consensus that Ukraine should be supported in its heroic struggle for national security and the aggressor should be punished is disappearing, the columnist explains, referring to moral questions such as whether Ukrainian interests and victims can be ignored. Also, consider that Vladimir Putin Wouldn’t you be encouraged by the success of the looting campaign in eastern Ukraine?

But more important is the tactical aspect, what can Moscow offer to end the invasion?

However, in order to respond, one must know what its goal is, because if it is achieved, one can talk about the cessation of hostilities, Razoni writes. However, there are not many signs that Putin’s reserves have been exhausted, so he will be forced to make peace. But it is not even clear what motivated him when he carried out the brutal attack almost 5 months ago.

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Did he want to “liberate” the Donetsk Basin, as he claims? asks the journalist. The events of the past two months have shown that ultimately, Ukrainian units will inevitably crumble in the face of an enemy with ten times more firepower. This does not exactly encourage Putin to negotiate.

The fact that there will be some sort of economic benefit to the net shouldn’t play a role either, he adds. The fact that the Russians are wreaking havoc doesn’t support the fact that they want the occupied territories to prosper economically. Stubborn opposition of the people

And in the long run it could tie up significant Russian military and administrative resources.

Domestic political aspects can also be easily dismissed as reasons, he says, because there are no signs of Russian regime instability to the contrary. In this way, the most obvious interpretation is that the Kremlin offers Ukraine a supporting role – roughly on the Belarusian model. For that, you don’t have to sit down to negotiate peace anytime soon.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung The conclusion of his article is that almost nothing motivates the Russian head of state to engage in dialogue. That is why impossible demands are coming from Moscow, which are only for appearances, expressing a desire for dialogue.

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