September 29, 2023

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Netflix has received painful condemnation from Russian authorities

Roscomnadzor, Russia’s media and telecommunications authority, said Netflix would provide access to twenty state television channels within its service from March and set up a Russian subsidiary. Writes in the background of Android Central on

The move also applies to other streaming services that serve over 100,000 viewers a day.

In addition, the authority will strictly regulate the content available, and videos showing “serious views” will be banned, especially for messages critical of Vladimir Putin and the current authority. If the relevant service providers do not meet the requirements, they will have to leave the country.

In Russia, foreign Internet companies, including Facebook, Twitter and Dictoc, have been repeatedly condemned in recent months. Last December, Google received a hefty fine for failing to remove content classified as illegal by Russian authorities. Among other things, Russian officials accuse ISPs of not removing calls for unauthorized demonstrations and inputs containing child pornography.

On the other hand, the security forces accuse the authorities of wanting to suppress the free internet in Russia.

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