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NCAA March Madness: Villanova beats Houston, advances to fourth final

NCAA March Madness: Villanova beats Houston, advances to fourth final

Jermaine Samuels scored 16 points and had 9 rebounds, Villanova held Houston 5 percent from a 3-point range, and the Wildcats advanced to 3 points.research and development Final 4 in the last six tournaments with a 50-44 win over Defensive Power Houston on Saturday in the NCAA Tournament South Championship Game at AT&T Center in San Antonio.

A total of 94 points equals the lowest number ever in a regional final. Syracuse beat Marquette 55-39 in the 2013 Eastern Conference Final in Washington DC, and Villanova tied with 50 points by the fewest ever by a winning team in a regional final. UCLA beat Memphis 50-45 in the 2006 Oakland Regional Final. 44 points is the fewest Houston-Villanova have in any championship game since the Wildcats beat North Carolina 56-44 in Birmingham, Ala., en route to winning the title The National in 1985. That was a year before college basketball started using the shot clock.

Vilanova’s young goalkeeper Justin Moore fell to the ground in the final seconds with what appeared to be a serious lower leg injury. There is no immediate word on his status.

The last team to win any NCAA Tourney game with fewer points was Wisconsin, who beat Pete 47-43 in St. Louis in the first round in 2016.

Villanova is now 20-3 in her last 23 NCAA Championship games.

Here are our 10 observations about 7 at Villanovay Journey to Final 4 (including 1971, which was later vacated).

1. Houston is one of the best defensive teams in the country and one of the best rebounders in the country, but Villanova beat the Cougars in both areas, and that was the only way they would have won this game. A clean look was rare for either team, but Vilanova carried Houston to 1 for 20 from a 3-point range, 2second abbreviationThe worst three-point shooting performance by any team in the tournament over the past decade. Vilanova was 5 for 21 of 3, which is terrible for them, but Houston allows the fewest field goals per game in the country, and the Wildcats made enough shots to take out that squeak.

2. Houston is No. 2 in the country in rebounding margin and No. 8 on offensive glass, but somehow the Wildcats outperformed the Houston, 26-24. The big challenge was keeping the Cougars away from the offensive glass, and Vilanova did a great job in the first half, only allowing four offensive rebounds that led to two points. In the second half, Houston racked up an incredible 11 orthographic rebounds but only managed to get past eight points from those plates, which was crucial. Houston saved her second chance, but Nova successfully defended repeated chances and did so without getting into trouble. Villanova only got 3research and development The team this year to Houston’s rebound. Gorgeous.

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3. Vilanova continued to shine at the foul streak, making all 15 of her free throws. The Wildcats, the #1 wrong-shooting team in NCAA history, are now 53-for-59 from the free-throw line in their four championship games, which is a ridiculous 90%. The last team to reach at least Sweet 16 and shoot 90 percent of the streak was 2016 UConn, who shot 91 percent.

4. Samuels has been pretty good all year, but has raised his game to another level in the tournament. He fired 6 out of 10 shots Saturday night, and the rest of Villanova’s team shot 9 for 42. Added 10 rebounds and shot 3 for 3 off the streak for 15 points, now averaging 17.3 points and 8.3 rebounds in Villanova’s four championship wins and shooting 63% . Returning to the Big East Championship, he has had seven or more rebounds in seven straight games. Samuels fired 4 of 5 shots in the second half, including a massive drive into the fairway through traffic with 1:06 left to turn a 46-42 into a six-point advantage. Impressive performance.

5. You don’t want to speculate about Moore, but she doesn’t look good. Moore was dribbling along the left wing and starting to drive to the basket 35 seconds from the left and ‘Nova four’ when he collapsed to the ground and frowned, grabbed with his lower left leg. He was helped off the field and watched the remainder of the match from the bench. Once Vilanova won, his teammates ran to console him, Moore would be a huge loss if he couldn’t play in the fourth final. He’s averaging 15 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game, and Vilanova has nearly zero depth. Jay Wright played only six players in the tournament, and Moore rarely gets off the court unless he’s in serious trouble. A potentially traumatic injury to Moore, a three-year rookie player.

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6. Houston’s 5 percent shot out of a 3-point span is the worst (minimum 10 attempts) in any game as far as the available records go. The worst performance over the past 12 years was two eight percent shooting performances in 2012 against Memphis and Tulane (both 1 for 12). The previous worst three-point shot against Villanova ever belongs to Monmouth, which was 1 for 19 against the Wildcats in 2010 for 5.3 percent. The last team to shoot worse than five percent in the championship was Team Syracuse, who were 0-for-10 against Dayton in 2014. Some were fantastic Wildcat defense and some were just Houston missing whatever the open look.

7. Collin Gillespie didn’t have a great shooting tournament and was only 1 for 6 Saturday night and 0 for 4 of 3. But he still does a lot of positive things for the wildcats, especially in a game like this against a fierce defensive team that makes every possession an adventure. Gillespie was his usual quiet self, making only one turn and attacking and adding five rebounds. And of course he made all four of his foul shots, including two with 26 seconds left, giving Villanova a six-point lead. Gillespie is shooting 27 percent of 3 in the championship (4 for 15) after shooting 48 percent during the season. But he still does a lot to help this team win.

8. Wright was asked after the game how his players can always remain so calm in the tough times in the big games, he said, “They are calm. I am not, but they are.” This is very true. This team never gets upset. It doesn’t matter what happens. They play smart, they play disciplined, they play under control, no matter the situation. And that doesn’t change no matter what year it is and who’s on the team. It’s a defining characteristic of this program, and Wright deserves a tremendous amount of credit for instilling that into his players. The situation is not too big for them. It was easy to lose focus after Moore was injured. That play was actually a spin, and Houston took the ball four times with a chance to make it a one possession game. But Vilanova defended as if he had been defending all night, Taza Moore missed a corner kick with 30 seconds left and Eric Dixon climbed hard to drop his nine tally.y recovery. Gillespie made a mistake and fired those two bad shots, and that was the match. The focus and calmness of this team is remarkable.

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9. That would be either 6 for Villanovay or 7y Journey to Final 4, depending on how you look at it. Vilanova previously reached the Final Four in 1939, 1971, 1985, 2009, 2016 and 2018, won the NCAA Championships in 1985, 2016 and 2018, losing in the National Final in 1939 and 1971 and in the semifinals in 2009. But she was stripped Villanova later out of her career in 1971 because Howard Porter signed a professional contract with the ABA Pittsburgh Condors (with whom he never played). Either way, Vilanova has reached 4 finals more than almost anyone else. North Carolina (20), University of California (18), Kentucky (17), Duke (16), Kansas (15), Ohio State (10), Michigan State (10), Louisville (8) and Indiana (8) are the only schools Which reached the final four more than Nova. That’s Wright Wright in Final Four, and there are only 12 other coaches left (Mike Krzyzowski, John Wooden, Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Tom Izu, Denny Krum, Adolf Robb, Jim Boheim, Bob Knight, Jay Lewis, Lotte Olson and Rick. Pettino). ). Not a bad company.

10. Villanova begins play in Final 4 on Saturday at the Superdome in New Orleans against the winner of the Sunday afternoon Midwest Championship game between Kansas and Miami in Chicago. Villanova has never played a championship game in New Orleans. Villanova has won 5-4 all-time against Kansas, most recently winning 56-55 in 2019. The Wildcats qualifies with a 14-10 all-time average against former Big East member Miami, most recently winning 92-69 in 2016. Nova is 2- 1 against Kansas in the championship, including victories in Louisville and San Antonio along the way to both the 2016 and 2018 titles, Villanova’s only championship win over Miami came in 2016 in Louisville.