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NBA Christmas Day schedule 2022-23: Lakers Mavericks, Warriors-Grizzlies between matches, per report

NBA Christmas Day schedule 2022-23: Lakers Mavericks, Warriors-Grizzlies between matches, per report

The 2022-23 NBA schedule is expected to be released in the coming days, but there are already several leaks for important matches in the league calendar. The reigning hero has already been reported Golden State Warriors be Expected to host LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers On the opening night of the season scheduled for October 18.

In addition to one of the opening night games on the league calendar, all five Christmas Day games have also been reported. As one of the hottest days on the NBA calendar, these games are usually star-studded and sometimes feature replays from the previous year’s playoffs or pitting two of the league’s top stars against each other. Although the regular season will already be two months old by the time Christmas comes, the full slate of games also serves as the unofficial start to the NBA season for some casual fans.

Although nothing has been officially announced yet, here are the five games that are expected to be made for Christmas:

The NBA has definitely made a mark in showcasing some of the league’s big stars, young and old, and all of these reported games have engaging stories.

The Warriors vs.Grizzlies match will be a rematch in last season’s Western Conference semi-finals, with both teams not shy about talking about trash, even after the Warriors put the Grizzlies away. When the Warriors eventually won the championship, several Golden State players made sure to take some inaccurate hits at the Grizzlies, including Draymond Green and Ja Morant hoping their team would meet on Christmas Day. Well, Green and Morant have had their wish, and this rivalry is sure to be highly anticipated.

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While the Lakers and Mavericks don’t have the go-to trash talk the Warriors and Grizzlies have, he will make the face of the league in LeBron James, and one of the future faces of the league in Luka Doncic. These two teams met at Christmas two seasons ago, blowing up the Mavericks in Los Angeles, but a lot has happened since that botched game in 2020. Doncic performed at MVP level throughout the playoffs, and the Lakers will try to return to the playoffs after missing last season. It’s hard to read how this game is going to play out since both teams can still make roster moves ahead of this game, but it should be a lot more fun than the one we had two seasons ago.

The third game reported on this list may be a preview of the Western Conference Finals where the Nuggets host the Suns. Denver should be in good health with Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. expected to return to the starting line-up after both players missed the entirety of last season through injuries. Then Nikola Djokic, twice the league’s best player, comes at the center of it all. He’ll get some help again as Denver hopes to establish his place in the championship conversation. It is said that The Nuggets will host the Suns, per The Denver PostAnd the It is a rematch of the semi-finals of the Western Conference two seasons ago. The Nuggets were without Murray in that playoff series against the Suns, so now they’re going to show Phoenix what it’s like to play against a Denver team at full power.

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The Knicks-Sixers game might not be the most exciting matchup on this list, but it does feature some of the league’s best players Joel Embiid and James Harden. Although the Knicks don’t have the brightest names on their roster for a match against Embiid and Harden, it will be a good test for the New York side who hope their massive takeover of Galen Bronson will elevate this roster to a playoff contender. .

The final reported match between the Celtics and Bucks is the Eastern Conference semi-final replay from last season. In one of the best pre-season playoff series, the Bucks lost to the Celtics in seven games, all without second-best player Khris Middleton who suffered a sprain at the MCL in the first round of the post-season. Middleton recently had wrist surgery in July, but is expected to be back near the start of the season, so he’ll be ready to go by the time for that game again. However, this match could look very different if the Celtics make it through Trade withdrawal to ground Brooklyn Networks Star Kevin Durant. We’ll have to wait and see what happens to the Durant sweepstakes, but no matter what happens with that, this match – as well as the rest on the full list of games – won’t lack for Christmas Day excitement.