September 27, 2023

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NATO: The real threat is the conflict with Russia

“However, while diplomatic efforts are preparing to fail, NATO will do all it can to resolve the tensions,” he said, adding that the military federation regretted that the international community was failing despite its calls. Nothing was done to reduce the tension.

He called on NATO Russia to take action to defuse tensions, withdraw its forces and bring peace. The military alliance continues to support Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity. It also stands for the security of all allies. At the same time, he said NATO was ready for meaningful dialogue with Russia to resolve different issues and to create transparency in military operations.

The Secretary-General said he had convened an extraordinary meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at the ambassador level to defuse tensions over Russian troop reinforcement, which will take place in Brussels on January 12.

According to reports, Russia will be represented at a meeting with ambassadors of NATO member states because Russia recently suspended its representation in the North Atlantic Alliance, and on October 6 expelled eight members of the Russian mission accused of spying. .

Stoltenberg said, “This is a positive signal that Russia is ready to sit down and negotiate.” He added that the council was an opportunity to demonstrate Russia’s commitment to engaging in dialogue, diplomacy and international obligations.

Responding to a question on the integration of Finland and Sweden into NATO, the Secretary-General said that expansion was important for stability, peace, democracy and independence in Europe. The decision to unite is to respect the right of free nations, that is, to free, democratic decisions. NATO’s door is open to countries that want to join, he said.

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According to the Financial Times, Finland has recently indicated that it will retain the opportunity to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) despite Russia’s refusal.

The daily quoted Finnish President Sauli Ninisto as saying that Finland’s room for maneuvering and freedom of choice includes adjusting its military capabilities and the potential of NATO members. And Prime Minister Channa Marin says every country has the right to decide its own security policy. “We have learned from the past that we will not leave our room for maneuver,” he said.

The British daily recalled that the Russian Foreign Ministry had said in late December that the merger of Finland and Sweden into NATO would have “serious military and political consequences”. Leading politicians in the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – Finnish and Swedish NATO members believe it is important to improve security on Europe’s common border with Russia, the newspaper said.

The military alliance confirmed in a message on its official Twitter interface on Friday that each country has the right to decide whether to join an agreement or an alliance. “NATO respects the right of each country to choose its own security arrangements,” they added.