March 28, 2023

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NATO is also supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine

The Madrid conference will focus on improving and preventing security capabilities and key decisions in favor of Ukraine and other vulnerable countries. The organization is also expected to adopt a new strategic concept that will form a common position in Russia and China.

Russia Ukraine The biggest threat to our security has been for decades, and we need to provide a long-term response to this situation. At the summit, we will make decisions NATO We are making it even stronger and more active in an increasingly dangerous world, according to MTI, Stoltenberg said.

He said it was important to strengthen NATO’s presence and readiness in the east of the alliance. It refers to previously used combat units, equipment, weapons and strong air, naval and cyber security. Or a new force model with additional forces, with pre-assigned special forces to protect each ally, for rapid consolidation, the NATO Secretary-General said.

NATO allies have agreed to provide additional assistance to Ukraine, including heavy weapons and long-range systems. Stoltenberg said they would provide Kiev with a comprehensive assistance package and support to expedite the transition to modern military equipment.

The NATO Secretary General welcomed the acceptance of the invitation of the NATO countries to the Madrid Summit by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky. MTI wrote that it was not yet known whether the president would attend the event in person or via video.

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