June 2, 2023

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Mussolini’s grandson received the most votes in Rome

Rachel Mussolini received the most votes in the municipal elections over the weekend. In the local system, people can choose specific candidates from each party’s list, and the young Mussolini, who started as a candidate for the Italian Brothers party, took the lead in the contest.

The party is currently the second most popular party in Italy, and last year both Victor Arban and Fides were looking for an opportunity to collaborate with their leader after overthrowing the League led by Matteo Salvini, a key Italian ally of the Hungarian ruling party. So far. The relationship was so strong that Victor Orban had dinner with Georgia Melloni, the leader of the Italian Brothers, instead of the summer German-Hungarian European Championship, and he finally went to Rome to interrupt his vacation in Croatia, where he attended a conference of Calvinist Catholic politicians.Pay homage to him, Got some time to talk to Meloni and take a photo.

The Italian Brothers mayoral candidate won the first round in Rome, and the current mayor, Virginia Rocky, a politician in the five-star movement, is sure not to advance to the second round.

Rachel Mussolini

Photo: NurPhoto via ANDREA RONCHINI / AFP

Rachel Mussolini said she could only get as many votes in her name after the election, but her plan, so far, is her job – when she turned her head to urban politics five years ago, she did not get even 10 percent of the current preference votes.

Rachel is named after the second wife (and her own grandmother) of the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini who ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943. His father, Romano Mussolini, was a successful jazz pianist who also received the anthem of the neo-fascist party that is currently absent and was the sister of his first wife Sophia Loren. Rachel’s sister Alessandra Mussolini, a longtime member of the European Parliament, was born out of that marriage. Rachel’s mother was Carla Maria Puccini, an actress who starred mainly in television games.

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