June 6, 2023

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Mouse – Abroad – Wally, is the sniper still alive? He issued a statement from Kiev

The Index He first wrote on March 10 that a Canadian sniper, known as Wally, is considered the best in his “profession” because he shot one of his targets from an altitude of 3,540 meters, arrived in Ukraine on March 3 and assisted with life and death with Russia.

Days have passed and Russian websites have started publishing false news

  • 20 minutes after crossing the Ukrainian border, Walid was killed in a rocket attack on Javoriv, ​​a few kilometers from Poland.
  • Hundreds of kilometers away, in Mariupol on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, was carried out by Russian Special Forces soldiers, Spegnas, a Canadian fighter.

Of course, there is no official confirmation of Wally’s health.

Then on Monday, March 14, the British newspaper The Daily Mail published a detailed telephone interview with Wally, a tabloid newspaper but more reliable source than the Russian government’s propaganda platform Russia Informa. Kiev is under siege and is on the roof of a multi-storey house.

The sniper rifle looks like this:

Wally told the British newspaper that I did not want to shoot anyone. “But when the time comes, I will not hesitate to provoke.” If Putin wants to occupy Kiev, he will have to pay a high price. Nobody wants Russians here, everything in Kiev is protesting the invaders. We will wreak havoc on their teams. Many will die, Kiev is their new Stalingrad.

Wally’s son celebrated his first birthday last week in Canada, somewhere in Quebec. (Wally’s mother tongue is French.)

Kiev is not a hamlet, but a large city with lots of buildings. If the Russians enter the streets of Kiev, they will be a great target for me and the Ukrainian snipers. They do not even know where they were shot. The Russians had already failed in Kharkiv and Mariupol, and although they were much smaller cities than Kiev, they could not take any of them. It is better for everyone not to try to attack Kiev.

Wally, a Canadian businessman of Ukrainian descent who works as a civilian IT expert, also spoke about his boss being told to go to war in Ukraine because his relatives have been affected in several besieged cities.

I felt like a firefighter when I heard the sound of a fire alarm bell somewhere, ”he said. “I boarded the first flight to Poland and I was there the next day.” My partner didn’t want more than that, but he realized I had to go, and the call for help was coming from over 4,000 miles away. I am indebted to my family and the world. I will not be in Ukraine even a minute longer than absolutely necessary. But I will be there until then!

Wally also said in a video message that the moment he saw his son at his birthday party was the hardest moment.

I was huddled in a building in Kiev in the dark and my tears flowed, ”he said.

He recalled how his reception was touched when he crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border.

As refugees flocked to Poland, Ukrainian militants greeted me with warm shakes and hugs.

Wally recalled the 2015 coup d’tat in northern Iraq against Kurdish forces of the Islamic State.

Once, a bulldozer entered an ISIS-controlled village, hiding us with an infantry shovel in front of our heads. We had no air defense, nothing, we were left with us, I believed it was the last battle of my life, but the ISIS militants were so shocked by our bravery that they fled and sought refuge.

Wally also said he received $ 6,000 worth of sniper rifles from the Ukrainians.

I do not feel good about this, I think most of the people who fired were 19-20 year olds, they were kids like my son a long time ago. But the war was like that, brutal. If I die, I will die knowing that my son will one day be proud of his father.

So far, the Daily Mail interview produced by Monday Paper. In reflecting on the last sentence, it should be noted that all this was on March 14, a few days after the Russians raised the news of Wally’s death in Zavoriv or Mariupol. So that information is untrue. However, there is no denying that the Canadian sniper has since fallen.

One thing is for sure: the legend lives on unbroken.

(Cover image: Kiev Independence Square on March 4, 2022. Photo:
Murad Saga / Thea Pictures / Getty Images)