February 3, 2023

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Mouse – Abroad – The last survivor of Auschwitz has died

Israel Levin was only 11 years old when he, along with his father and a group of adult friends, managed to escape the camp through the sewer system, he wrote. Neocon.

Levin’s children, recalling the man’s life, often spoke of the hardships he endured in his youth. He often said:

I fought for my life until I was 13, unlike you.

One of them said that in 1943 Levin’s father Leiser strangled him in blood. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising He was one of its leaders.

His mother and sister Killed in the massacreHe and his father survived.

They were members of the last group to escape the Nazis

said Levin’s daughter Ronnie.

According to him, they escaped through the sewers and hid there for a while. The elders carried him on their shoulders to prevent him from drowning in the water.

Their father thought it important that Lev’s son, Ezel, should say more The story of his escape.

In recent years, the father became ill, but told us with vivid self-awareness about the partisans who helped his group in the woods and a Polish family who hid him for months.

– he declared.

Levin came to Israel with his father in 1945 at the age of 13 and settled in the Zakur kibbutz in northern Israel. When his father fell ill and eventually became blind, he supported and helped him. He was drafted into the Israeli army’s armored formation and continued to serve in kibbutzim after his mobilization.

He married Badja Rabinović and they had four children: Etty, Yuri, Roni and Ejal.

When Bhadja fell ill, she lovingly cared for him till his death

said Eddie. Levin later remarried, from which another son, Ido, was born.