September 29, 2023

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Mother stabbed to death, her 10-year-old daughter fights for her

A heroic student desperately tried to save her mother after she was allegedly stabbed by her bodybuilder boyfriend. Despite the bravery of a ten-year-old girl, she is 39 years old Monique Lezak He died after the terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia. He is 52 years old Sven Lindemann A body builder of German origin was arrested at the scene.

Photo: Twitter

Police were called to a home in Kazan Gardens on Tuesday morning after a reported stabbing. Lesak’s 10-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, were reportedly in the home at the time of the attack. the sun. The girl bravely intervened and tried to save her injured mother. The child was taken to the hospital in stable condition with some minor cuts on his arm.

The girl was released home, and her mother’s heartbroken friends call her a hero.

He is clearly a hero in all of our eyes. He is doing well physically, but we are supporting him and his family as this is not something he can easily carry out.

– he declared Jacqueline Schwarz, mother’s friend. According to him, Lezak is the best mother in the world.

“She was the best mother. She was kind to everyone…lived for her children. Every day was about her children, and she made sure every day was wonderful and loving.

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The suspect in the murder is a father of two. She dated Lesak for several months before the murder. A few days before the act, the man had allegedly posted on his social media page that he was going to kill the woman.