September 29, 2023

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More details have been obtained: This gospel may affect anyone traveling to the UK

At a conference in the House of Commons in London, Johnson said the new regulation would take effect on Friday from 4am British time to 5pm Central European time.

Transport Minister Grant Shops clarified this shortly after in a post on Twitter

Pre-departure test requirement expires Friday,

And the need to wait for another test result after arriving in the UK in solitude.

On Sunday, Shops said he would be relieved of the responsibility of conducting the PCR test from 4am UK time and that the lateral flow test would be adequate from that date.

The Minister of Transport stressed

This applies to travelers and people under the age of 18 who have been fully vaccinated against the corona virus, regardless of vaccination status.

Grand Shops also stressed that the UK NHS free trial service could not be used for quick testing after arriving in the UK. Rapid tests should be ordered from private healthcare providers.

According to Shapps, if a quick test result is positive after arrival in the UK, the person concerned should be isolated and take a PCR test, but the NHS’s free testing service is now available.

The Minister of Transport has announced

The British government will fully review travel arrangements by the end of January.

And established a consistent regulatory system throughout 2022.

Current rules apply to those arriving prior to Friday and Sunday shifts, with PCR or Rapid testing required 48 hours prior to departure, PCR screening at the end of the second day of arrival in the UK, and they must wait for the results of the isolated PCR test.

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The UK government last year ordered the tightening to curb the introduction of the fast-spreading Omigron corona virus variant.

At a conference in the House of Commons on Wednesday night, Boris Johnson said in the wake of Omigran’s revelations, it would be more appropriate to impose travel restrictions to slow the spread of the virus in the UK. However, since then this variant of the virus has spread in the UK, with travel testing duties having only a specific effect on the number of infections.

However, the tourism sector faces significant additional costs

Said the British Prime Minister.

Johnson announced: The government has decided based on all this Cancellation of pre-departure check requirement for travelers to the UK from Friday.

The Prime Minister stressed that it has also made those traveling abroad from the UK unsafe, as many fear that the pre-departure test may be positive abroad.

They get stuck, which puts a lot of extra cost on them.

Boris Johnson, in line with the Minister of Transport’s detailed explanation, said that the UK government would release the compulsion to take the PCR test by the end of the second day of its visit to the UK and that the result would be pending.

Instead, it returns to the tight regulation of last year, under which

Those traveling to the UK should make a quick check at the end of the second day after arrival.

And if the results are positive, they should undergo a PCR test.

Johnson confirmed at the House of Commons conference that the British government does not believe it is necessary to close the country completely, as it did in the early stages of the corona virus epidemic.

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Such closures have their consequences: they have a devastating effect on the physical and mental well-being of the people, as well as on business, employment, livelihoods and, worse, the prospects of later prosperity of children, the British Prime Minister said.

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