June 6, 2023

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Malay traveler killed: Terrible Russian ally Ukrainians killed

In 2018, Dutch authorities coordinating the investigation of the case found that the BUK rocket of the 53rd Russian Air Defense Forces, stationed in a city in southern Russia, had flown from Amsterdam to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur over eastern Ukraine. MTI writes that 298 people on board were killed, including 196 Dutch nationals.

The plane’s firing blames militants who defected from eastern Ukraine, all of them senior, pro-Russian military officers.

According to the Dutch prosecutor’s office, the defendants – Sergei Dupinsky, Russian citizen Igor Kirkin and Ukrainian citizen Leonid Karchenko – were “directly involved in the case, brutally and deliberately killing hundreds of people, and therefore facing the most severe punishment possible.” He was also accused of not cooperating with the investigating authorities, spreading false news about the incident in which the plane was shot down, and “treating” the relatives of the victims.

In the absence of the accused, the investigation is underway with everyone denied responsibility. Russia also denies the allegations, and deportation is unlikely. The final verdict in the case could be released in the spring of next year.

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