August 13, 2022

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Madrid opposes the EU – and for a strong reason

Isabel Diaz Ayuzo, a rising star of right-wing Spanish politics and one of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s fiercest critics, said the bureaucracy in the province that includes the Spanish capital would not comply with new rules requiring lighting in public buildings. Switch off after 10pm.

Among other measures – such as preventing air conditioning from being set too low in the summer and overheating in the winter – these aim to reduce Spain’s gas consumption by 7%. This is necessary to achieve the goals set by the European Union aimed at reducing dependence on Russian energy.

Madrid will not be turned off

Ayuzo, a key figure in the conservative People’s Party, said in a tweet on Monday evening. The 43-year-old politician leads the Madrid region, which includes the capital of the same name.

Before we shut it down, ban it, freeze it, why not talk to citizens and other public administration bodies as adults and ask them to cooperate on clear criteria? He added in a separate post on Tuesday.

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