September 29, 2023

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Louis Gillorm comes out four to six weeks with a groin strain

Louis Gillorm comes out four to six weeks with a groin strain

ATLANTA – The Mets learned on Monday that they will be without one of their key players for most of the remaining season. However, they did not see that news as an incentive to call in the top potential customers Britt Patty or Mark Ventus.

Louis Gillorm He is expected to miss four to six weeks due to a mild strain in his left thigh, causing him to miss at least half of the remaining regular season. To replace him, the team summoned a veteran player Devin Marero From Triple A Syracuse. Marrero, 31, is able to play second base, third base and short base at a high level, which is why the Mets chose him over Bate or Vientos.

According to several people familiar with the situation, the Mets are not yet comfortable with Bate or Vyentos playing defensively in the major leagues. One source went so far as to say he doesn’t expect any of the possibilities to emerge in the Majors this season.

“Of course it’s hard not to do that [think about it]especially when you’re one step away now,” Vientos, the organization Fifth place probability According to MLB Pipeline, he said last week in Syracuse. “But I just try to focus on the little things.”

If the Mets are to call any possibility of offensive long-term support, it will most likely be catcher Francisco Alvarez, although that is far from certain.

Unlike the band’s rival Braves, who have received extensive contributions from recent call-ups Michael Harris II and Vaughn Grissom, the Mets see Patty and Ventus as Patty’s first prospects at this point in their careers. Their offensive profiles are legit: Patty has entered Monday by cutting .364/.462/.364 in six games since receiving a mid-season promotion to Syracuse, after mixing 19 homes in 89 games at Double-A Binghamton, while Vientos have cut .274/ .354 / .517 in Syracuse. They are pre-draft picks for the first and second rounds, respectively.

But no player is defined as an elite defender at third base. I’ve tried the Mets on first base and on the field in hopes of finding permanent defensive homes.

Until the process unfolds further, team officials will sacrifice the offensive side of Bate or Vientos in favor of Marrero, the first gauntlet to start the season with the Long Island Ducks. Marrero signed with the Mets in late June and then cut .236/.325/.358 at Syracuse, playing three different positions. He has appeared in Majors for the Red Sox, D-backs, and Marlins.

Mets officials consider it important to have strong defensive coverage especially at the short stopping point, with Guillorme serving as Francisco Lindor’s primary backup. With the Mets using a lot of the 26-man roster space on defensively limited platoon bats like Daniel Vogelbach and Darin Ruf, team officials fear they’ll be caught should Lindor fall ill or injured. While Eduardo Escobar is capable of playing a shortstop in a pinch, he’s been dealing with a left-sided injury on his side in recent days.

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“We’ve taken everything into account,” Director Buck Showalter said, in what effectively amounts to no comment.

Regardless of the Mets’ roster’s decisions, the team will be missing Guillermo, a top three-placed defender who has also been cutting 0.283/.355/.357 in 86 games. Guillerme, who recently moved into platoon mode with Escobar in third, caused a groin strain as he ran the bases in Sunday’s win over Velez. He won’t be back until at least mid-September, although the Mets are still hopeful that Guillorme can help them along the stretch.