The fire jumps in the fireplace, soft pillows are waiting on the sofa, and all predictable coincidences, including the heroine and the hero, raise the audience’s heart rate to over 70. Of course it’s always snowing – well, is it so sweet and so enjoyable? Than Christmas movies? Yes: The way interiors are decorated on the cinema screen.

Now ask everyone Holidays After watching the (now) classic Christmas movie starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black, written and directed by Nancy Myers, she immediately searched the Godzwolds house on the web and leaned back with a smile on her face. Very accurate Cottage This is only in the movies! The building responsible for the festive atmosphere is actually set in the middle of a grounds, whose rooms are designed as a studio.

Known as the Queen of Daydreams, Myers continues to create interiors in all of her films, and they instantly absorb audiences, and now on behalf of millions of people we ask a question: Why does everyone want to live in a Myers home? ?

In his interiors, Myers usually sorts out the stereotypes of the home mentality and uses luxury items only to the extent that it stimulates our desires. This does not push him in an inaccessible distance and he stabilizes the device compared to the viewer. Interesting furniture and special accessories still fit the narrow edge Myers did not lose balance for a moment, but the interiors of the rooms were not selected – they accidentally fall outside the comfort zone of a few million visitors.

Inspired by air-building escapism, almost itchy spaces, sofas covered with new drafts, teenage girls ’desires and practical pastel shades, the fireplace melts the viewer once like tea butter. The creamy colors reinforce the illusion that he can easily use what he sees on his home canvas; How hard would it be to push a brown bed in front of an egg tile wall and then stuff some wood into an evil basket? Well, it’s harder than we thought it would be, and it’s about to become a blockbuster movie, and Nancy Myers has to be born.

By the way, the way Myers serves and designs Pinterest is similar to that of home decorators: Mood board, I.e., it creates mood montages from pinable images and then calculates at the pharmacy level the mix (in the case of hundreds of millions of cinema-goers) that meets the needs of the client. And the people of Pinterest can not be more grateful: its cinematic interiors have inspired many. Every rule is difficult The white kitchen in Meyers is otherwise similar to Meyers’ own real kitchen, acclaimed as the most copied kitchen in the world. From this point of view, it can also be a forgivable sin HolidaysThe Cameron Diaz fireplace is not a picture of a comfortable chair reading, with a decorated Christmas tree and a soft-haired dog burning on my retina, but as Kate Winslet lies on a King-size bed in a sunny Los Angeles home, crushing the snow-white bed and then turning a button Creates complete darkness with the help of shutters. After all, the Christmas break includes a good night’s sleep, right?

Many of the winter holidays a Alone at home! They could not have imagined without it, but here the perfect dopamine injection is delivered to the audience by working interiors with completely different functional mechanisms, and the colors are inspired by the protagonist himself. “McCauley Calkin was just like that boy in the Rockwell painting.” he said Eve Cowley is a set designer who refers to American painter Norman Rockwell, who loves to work with saturated shades. Director Chris Columbus, on the other hand, was worried about how viewers would feel about the classic Christmas colors of the year, and according to Cowley, blue and gray-pink decorations were considered trendy.

The set designer finally convinced the director that warm shades were needed in space to offset the whiteness of the snow. What the director had already said when the pencil ran too far into Cowley’s hand that he had repeatedly used Christmas colors and turned the house into a caricature was already gone. Built in a studio.

“When I went to the store looking for dark green, red and gold furniture, I could not find anything. These colors are simply not fashionable, so all the furniture should be set up, ”Gauli recalled. Only the most classic colors and furniture and accessories by F. Schumacher and Ralph Lauren acted as a lifeline, and the designer used them to create the timeless atmosphere of the rooms. However, the hall’s infamous red-green wallpaper had to be made, the product originally available in blue-gold. Couleau decorated the Parisian apartment in cool tones, squeezing the then-fashionable blue into the landscape, signifying the mood of the torn family.

The first Hungarian Christmas romantic comedy, which lists Hollywood templates with a picture, but tries Review here) Not afraid to paint from abroad: In the cozy home of the hero firefighter, the sofa is dark green and the large cushions are red. However, the toxic wallpaper behind the ladder decorated for the Christmas tree, otherwise desirable for Pinterest and circled the story beautifully, in the final scene, looks even more beautiful; It is not the last Christmas wish that the wall of Fornacetti Mediterranean or at least the wallpaper of the relevant price range should adorn the wall of every firefighter’s house.

In recent decades, American films made for the holidays have truly portrayed the Christmas mood, such as true-like, chewing-gum, which is expanding over time and place as many people move trees abroad after Halloween. . Thanks to enthusiastic consumers, the amount of decorations made by the Christmas business left their homes and exploded in the elements of homes that the community knew (but could not be a kind of Christmas shop window). Roofs and gardens. It is not always in life or on canvas; 1946 voted countless times as the most beautiful Christmas film in the world Life is wonderful-Pen (This is a wonderful life) Writer and director Frank Capra did not place much emphasis on drawing the mood of the characters in more detail with the help of the interior.

In Capra’s film, nature (or its set design) facilitates the actor’s work; The protagonist falls in love with the heroine among the flowers, but is already preparing to commit suicide in a blizzard swirling over the raging river, and in the closing scene of the family home, a crowd of figures practically obscures the Christmas tree.

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Anyone who decides to create a Christmas atmosphere at home, with what they have seen in recent films, quickly realizes that God’s money is not enough to buy almost the same size and quality of decoration to celebrate his son’s birth. But thanks to him, a real candle also provides a real atmosphere – for everything else, we have American Christmas movies.


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