A female brown bear attacks two men on a forest trail in Slovakia. One of them was reported to have “no more faces”.

The mother bear attacked two mountaineers in Slovakia; One of them is in a “very serious condition” and was airlifted to hospital by helicopter, said the managing director of the Bolana Landscape Reserve. Speaking on the sme.sk news website Vladimira Fabriciusova described the person’s injuries as “horrible”.

The rest of the climber’s body was also badly damaged. His companion was bitten and severely traumatized.

He told authorities Wednesday night that they unexpectedly saw the bear cub a few meters ahead. The next moment, they were already spoiled by the mother bear. For the first time the person escaped. When he went back to help the seriously injured comrade, suddenly the bear came back and attacked him too.

According to the latest official state census in 2016, more than 1,200 bears lived in the wild in Slovakia. If they are noticed at the right time, they usually get out of their way before they even know about them. However, if they feel threatened by them or their children, they can also attack.

Experts have repeatedly stressed that there have been frequent clashes in recent times. It has been linked to the misbehavior of tourists, who hunt for good photos, dispel their natural fears and attract animals by food before they become intimately acquainted with humans.

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The bear quota has come into effect, with 220 animals being shot for prevention in Romania


The ban on shooting bears in Romania went into effect on Wednesday. A total of 220 bears can be shot this year, and this allocation is distributed proportionately to the most affected districts.

One person has been arrested in Iran for killing a brown bear


The species is considered an endangered species by the World Security Council (IUCN).