After England, the squid game will be launched in Italy. Only one player can win, the others – symbolically here – die.

Based on the amazingly successful Korean series, games like the one presented in it started quickly. In this series, more and more debtors are playing a strange game in their despair in which only one of them can win the grand prize and the others all lose their lives. (Our review Can be read here.)

The series has become Netflix’s most popular product, breaking all visual records, and the costumes and games in it can be found in more and more places in real life. In English and Belgian schools For example, in the context of a series of violence, children abuse their peers, It was set up in Australia Awesome giant toy in the Halloween series.

It didn’t take long for someone to really organize the game. For the English version, for example You can apply here. There, the winner can still win a cash prize, although the most modest HUF 215,000 seen in the series, and the losers will not be killed. Compliance with the rules, however, will be ensured by security officials, although it is not clear whether they will wear the same frightening attire in the series.

Players do not even know where the event is taking place. Organizers say a bus will take the players from the junction in northwest England and from there they will be taken to a distant place.

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A real squid game will be launched in Rome. The Euronews According to him, participants there are immediately insecure and when they think they are going to a restaurant or parking lot, they are actually taken to an unknown location in vans.

William Bertosi, art director of the organizer E20 Service, revealed that they will be divided into teams and aim to get to the end of the game when they lose as few points as possible.

“Hundreds of people are fighting for the great prize – the wonderful sum – only one of them will get it, and the others will inevitably – in a symbolic sense – die.”

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By copying the game of squid, children beat each other in schools

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In English and Belgian schools too, children have beaten losers in various games by tapping the Netflix series. Parents are asked to be vigilant.

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