The latest winner is Auckland, New Zealand, whose list has fallen sharply due to restrictions imposed to control the epidemic.

Vienna has once again topped the list of livable cities in the world. List compiled by economist In terms of stability and good infrastructure, it gives its main attraction to the Austrian capital, which is supported by a good health system and many cultural and recreational opportunities.

Vienna took the lead from Auckland, New Zealand, which dropped to 34th place due to stricter restrictions imposed by the Corona virus outbreak. The city of Austria has also slipped from 12th place due to epidemiological activities, restaurants and museums closing. In both 2018 and 2019, it was selected as the most livable.

The Ukrainian capital, Kiev, is not on the list this year due to the Russian war against the country, while Moscow and St. Petersburg have been pushed back, 15 places in the previous and 13 places in the latter.

This time, six of the top ten cities are European cities. Vienna is followed by Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland. Geneva in Switzerland was sixth, Frankfurt in Germany seventh and Amsterdam in the Netherlands ninth.

According to the report, Eastern European countries such as Budapest or Warsaw have lost stability scores due to diplomatic tensions in the region.

The Syrian capital, Damascus, was ranked 172nd. The last five include Lagos, Nigeria, Tripoli, Libya, Algiers, Algeria and Karachi, Pakistan.

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Vienna is still a livable city

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Budapest is 76. But much better than Baghdad.