They were videotaped leaving the store with a CD.

Pope Francis loved music as a child, listened to opera on the radio, and is known to be an avid fan of tango. He once said, “Mozart’s music exalts God.”

This passion does not seem to end today. He jumped into a record store in Rome on Tuesday and also recorded a nearby Vatican reporter as he exited with a CD. AP News.

Javier Martinez-Brogel, director of Rome Reports, was in the vicinity of Rome’s Pantheon when he spotted a white Vatican-registered Fiat 500 and some police cars parked in front of a stereosound store. Pope Francis left the Fiat and went into the store, where he remained for about 12 minutes.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was already a customer of the store when he visited Rome, so now he has met his old acquaintances to talk to the owners.

Pope Francis was eventually given a CD of traditional music, which Martinez-Brockle learned.

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