She showed the hand signal to the driver behind her until she called 911.

Kentucky police say a teenager has been rescued from a series of gestures called Signal for Help to indicate domestic violence.

It was a hand gesture that spread like wildfire on the web during epidemics in July And the Hungarian Police announced itHe has been working on introducing a series of so-called silent calls for help called Signals for Help so that those at risk can signal and ask for help.

Last Thursday, while driving with a driver on the highway near London, Kentucky, he noticed a woman in the car in front of him repeating the gesture.

The person was suspicious of the operation, so he called 911. He went behind until the police stopped the car.

A 16-year-old Asheville girl who was traveling in a car at the time was reported missing by her parents a few days ago. Police said the teenager learned of the move from Dictok.

Police found a sex photo of a minor girl during an investigation into the phone of driver 61-year-old James Herbert Brick. The man was arrested for possessing a personal liberty and sexual photograph of a minor between the ages of 12 and 18.

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Signal for help: Police are working to introduce gestures for help

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The movement spread from Canada to the rest of the world.