He saved Millie from the tide almost at the last minute.

In Hampshire, England, Jack Russell-Whipp mixed Millie writes of disappearing from her master’s eyes during a walk. Defender. As he did not come, the local community also went in search of Millie and then found someone wandering in a nearby wave flat with an ebony. The rescue operation was hampered by the approaching sea rage, the dog refusing to accept the stimulus and fleeing to a safe place across the sea. As a last resort, Denmeet search and rescue workers who worked with the drones discovered sausage attachment on one of their mounts, which they had hitherto used to follow Millie’s movement.

The idea worked brilliantly, as Millie was hungry for a big wave, he began to follow the sausage drone eagerly, and the end of the story certainly ended with a happy ending, with the dog jumping around to the delight of his owners. One of them, Emma Oaks, said that Millie is a big glutton and that she prefers sausage to whatever they eat, be it green beet or cucumber. Denmeet team leader Chris Taylor spoke about the success of the sausage experiment and the fact that this solution will be used in the future.


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As a blood glucose monitor, the Golden Retriever alerts its owner anywhere, anytime.

At 13 o'clock, a dog warmed his body by his owner who was wounded in the mountains

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The mountain rescue team in Croatia also showed a picture of how the body of the mountaineer was protected from the cold.