Writer Alice Sebold said no apology can change what happened to that man.

American writer Alice Sebold (pictured) was raped in 1981 at the age of 18 while studying at Syracuse University in New York. About the story a Lucky He also wrote in his memoir. A few months after the crime, he saw a black man on the street who thought he had assaulted him and reported it to police. Anthony Broadwater was arrested after learning that he was in the area, and although Sebold had identified another person as guilty during police identification, he still had to stand trial and be punished based on a fine hair analysis. He spent 16 years in prison and was released in 1998, but his name was still on the sex offenders register.

Last week, however, he was acquitted after the case was reconsidered, and Broadwater was found guilty based on incomplete and now credited evidence. He told the AP News Agency that he was relieved to hear Broadwater’s news and cried with joy.

Following the development, Alice Sebolt apologized for wrongly punishing the person on her charge. “Above all, I’m sorry you lost the life you could have lived, and I know no apology can change what happened to you,” he said in a statement.

Broadwater, through his lawyers, said he was relieved to have accepted the apology.

Alice Sebold added that she has been trying for the past few days to understand how all of this could have happened and that the real culprit can never be known again and will not go unpunished.

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Sebold’s memoir sold more than a million copies, he later wrote Comfortable paradise From this Peter Jackson made the Oscar-nominated film.

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