August 17, 2022

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Let the cats understand, there is a war going on

Victor Orban; energy; crisis;

2022-07-15 08:08:00

Cooperation is the right answer, not political gain.

There will be two major battles: the fight for energy, the cost of living, and the fight for affordable utilities. But here there will also be a fight for jobs, because all the forecasts I work with – international studies, analyzes – show that due to the combined effect of the embargo policy and the war, the economy of Europe will start to shrink – said the Prime Minister. In a statement on state radio on Friday morning.

Viktor Orbán mentioned it: the Russians did not say long ago that the operation of Nord Stream could not be guaranteed, and yesterday the French president also said that it is necessary to prepare for the fact that no more gas will come. Russia. As he said, in this country, one has to fear that energy can be bought at a high price or it will not be available. He then continued, “The policy of sanctions did not fulfill the hopes attached to it, but it had the opposite effect as planned. They thought that the war could be reduced with the help of the policy of sanctions, since victory could be achieved quickly by weakening Russia. This did not work either: the war did not abate, let alone bring it to an end. , but the war is clearly dragging on. And the sanctions policy can’t help. At first I thought we shot ourselves in the foot, but now the European economy seems to have shot itself in the lungs, which is why the wind is blowing everywhere now,” he said. According to the Prime Minister, this means that one source of energy There won’t be, there won’t be gas, or there will be gas, but the price will be too high.” We belong to the latter category, because we have made decisions to obtain the necessary amount of energy resources. “The question is how long we can keep prices within a tolerable range,” he explained.

He then explained that an energy emergency should be declared.

For this reason, he ordered the establishment of so-called functional tribes under the leadership of Kerkeli Kulias. His task will be to implement the decisions taken and prepare new decisions. “With the utmost respect, I ask Hungarian households to see that we are now forced to impose a real price on above-average consumption, and if we don’t do that, the entire utility reduction policy must be scrapped.” said the Prime Minister. He pointed out that there are still unclear questions: What will happen to those who heat with electricity? He said it. “We want to protect the overhead reduction.”

Of course, he plowed Brussels for a long time. He reminded that Hungary always opposes the sanctions because it does not help Ukraine, “However, this is bad for the European economy, and if this continues – I apologize – then the European economy will be crushed … This is unbearable.” He said, “The moment of truth has to come. The leaders in Brussels have to be told that we miscalculated, that the sanctions policy started from false assumptions and that it has to be changed. You have to sit down with the Russians, negotiate, end the ceasefire, and then resume peace talks.” “Peace is the only solution to this economic problem,” he said.

Victor Orban We are not all the same, so some understand the decisions made and some don’t. “Perhaps because many people have a family budget—many people realize that there are things that fit, and things that don’t fit. Before the war, we were able to provide everyone with a completely reduced overhead. Now there are levels of war and war prices and war inflation, which doesn’t fit now. The fact is, It would be nice if they looked at it, but unfortunately, not looking at it doesn’t change the facts,” he said. At the same time, he called European People’s Party leader Manfred Weber’s statement that natural gas coming to Europe should be distributed fairly, “cut-from-the-ground, imperialist” thinking.

He called Khata’s change a good and necessary decision.

As he said, “I don’t criticize people for anything, because everyone is living as much as he can. (…) People are also trying to stay afloat. The problem is with companies that have forced employees or go to kata” Out of 450,000 sales, approximately 300,000 invoice companies, mostly one company, so it’s really He believes the deal is a sham. “When the cart is doing well, the economy can handle it as well. But now there is a war and we have to think in terms of the economic logic of war, which simply does not apply. “It is not applicable because of the budget but because of the pension system,” he explained. If the allowance is reduced, the pensioners will suffer. He advised everyone to look at what other legal framework is available. We have closed the loopholes and will not open any more, he insisted.

At the same time, he also said that until September 25, affected parties can declare which type of taxation they will choose. Speaking from the left, he said their situation could be compared to that of tails in water. In this campaign which is behind us, he finds that they have proved that they cannot trust the country, not entirely under wartime conditions. “Now this is the first move that has stakeholders, who are opposed to these government decisions, who disagree, they will ride this wave – and they will ride every wave. Any move that is questionable and debatable, the left opposition will rise up and try to create an anti-government mood. I can say that I understand this. , but I consider it a very bad policy,” he said.

At the end of the report, he spoke about the situation on the southern border, which they can no longer solve with the army. Not only is the number of incoming migrants and illegal border crossers increasing, but their aggression is also increasing, he said. Here, the EU is blamed again, because “if the EU doesn’t support immigration, we can get out of this migration invasion and there won’t be illegal border crossers, because the EU could have said that. It doesn’t make sense to accept anyone, then to start. In the afternoon on the decree on the establishment of hunting units at the border They will do their work within the framework of emergency police and receive limited training, he noted, adding that they cannot earn as much as policemen and soldiers because “then the order will be overturned”.

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