June 3, 2023

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Kiev gets new fighter jets, Ukraine may soon launch counteroffensive – our war news on Friday

At a press conference in Kiev on Friday, the U.N. accused the Ukrainian and Russian armies of arbitrarily executing many prisoners of war and abusing them. Accused.

“We are deeply concerned about the arbitrary execution of twenty-five Russian and fifteen Ukrainian prisoners of war outside of combat,” said Matilda Bogner, head of the UN human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine.

According to Matilda Bogner, the UN has documented executions of Russians by Ukrainian armed forces, “mostly carried out immediately after their capture on the battlefield.”

The UN is aware of five investigations conducted by Kiev, which involved twenty-two victims, but “we have no information that any action has been initiated against those involved in these crimes,” he added.

Matilda Bogner added, “Of the fifteen Ukrainian soldiers executed shortly after being captured by Russian soldiers on the battlefield, the perpetrators in eleven cases were mercenaries of Wagner’s Russian private army.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, Kiev and Moscow have accused each other of abusing prisoners of war, a war crime.

In a report released on Friday, members of the Ukrainian armed forces have subjected Russian soldiers to death threats, mock executions and sexual violence, the UN human rights watchdog said.

In some cases, the officers beat POWs and told them they would “take them to Buksa

– Mission said, referring to a city near Kiev where the Russian military has been accused of committing atrocities.

Before the trial, they showed me a bloody ax as a warning

– said one of the Russian prisoners of war quoted by the report, who said he was tortured with electricity.

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The report criticized the abuses suffered by Ukrainian POWs at the hands of the Russian military – torture, sometimes denied medical care, sexual assault, drinking water and food.

Ukrainian prisoners of war were allegedly tortured and abused to extract information and punish them. They said they were beaten with a shovel, stabbed, electrocuted and strangled.

Some have lost teeth or fingers, broken ribs, fingers or broken noses

– can be read in the report.

They weren’t satisfied with beating us, they broke us. They used their hands, feet, rubber buttons and stun guns. Some POWs suffered broken arms or legs

– said the person quoted in the report.

In early March, a video showing Russian soldiers executing a suspected Ukrainian prisoner of war shocked Ukraine.

In November, the Kremlin expressed outrage over two videos showing the execution of about ten suspected Russian prisoners of war who had surrendered to Ukrainian forces.