July 7, 2022

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Kevin Feige from Marvel’s Drops Hints on Phase 4 and ‘Next Big Saga’ for Studio – Deadline

Kevin Feige from Marvel's Drops Hints on Phase 4 and 'Next Big Saga' for Studio - Deadline

“As Phase 4 nears the end, I think people will start to see where this next saga is headed,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently said Total movie.

“I think there were a lot of clues already, which at least is clear to me, of where this whole story is headed. But we’ll be more candid about that in the coming months, to come up with a plan, so that the audience that wants to see the bigger picture can see a very small part of the Roadmap “.

Two very clear signs in the coming months Thor: love and thunder On July 8, and D23 Expo 2022, which takes place from September 9-11. Marvel will be at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2022, but will likely keep a lot of finds for September.

Specifically, on September 10, the exhibition D23 and will contain Celebrity filmmakers, talents, surprise guests, and actors from Marvel Studios at 10 AM showcasing the department’s theatrical titles and Disney+ titles. The show will include exclusive footage and a preview of what Marvel has in the works.

Many have speculated about where Pandora’s Box of plotlines that the multiverse has opened will lead us. thinking was centered About a huge 12-issue event in the comics known as Secret wars. Includes secret wars X-MenAnd the Spider ManAnd the The Magnificent Fourand Deadpool and Avengers. The Marvel series of the mid-80s happens to be my favorite the two men who finished the third stage of the studio in a stunningly successful manner.

“You know, I read it when I was 10 or 11, and it was the measure of bringing all the heroes together. It was one of the first major books to do that – it was really a story that happened to me at its best. And what happens when you bring all these characters together. Joe Russo explained In 2020. “I also love the idea of ​​villains teaming up with heroes. Anthony and I love the complex relationships between heroes and villains, we love villains who think they’re heroes in their own stories so everything is built into this idea of ​​secret wars. To implement something on a scale infinity war It was directly related to the dream of secret wars, which is even greater in size.”

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Anthony Russo was even more blunt: “It’s going to be the biggest movie you could possibly imagine, so that’s what really excites us about the story — its ambition is greater than that of the Infinity Saga.”

When Feige was asked about rumors of the end of Secret Wars Phase 4, he played the timid one.

“I’ve seen those rumors too. Why is everyone talking about it now? That’s what I want to know,” Feiji said late last year. “I think someone writes about it, then someone else writes about it, then everyone writes about it, and then it happens.”

However, the Secret Wars saga will be a great way to connect all existing lines and unify the Marvel movie assets that have been consolidated. For example, Spider-Man and X-Men are now part of Disney’s MCU – and the former has just proven it could be at the box office Spider-Man: There is no room for home Approaching $2 billion worldwide. Each of the studio’s next five films—and nearly every Disney+ planned show—includes at least one Avenger. Deadpool 3 he is in the works. Oh, and there’s a good chance the Fantastic Four finally hits this cycle.