June 1, 2023

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Kadyrov is angry at the Russian leadership for the withdrawal

The Chechen leader is ready to hold the Russian Ministry of Defense responsible for what happened.

Like our paper on it reportedMoscow “Through Organized Redistribution” Justifies Russian troop movements in northeastern Ukraine. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, an ally of Vladimir Putin, responded to the events. on his Telegram page reacted. Kadyrov said in an audio message:

Due to the mistakes of the Russian command, cities in the Kharkiv region are lost one after another.

The message also struck an ominous tone. He said that if the strategy of the Russian military does not change in the coming days, he will hold the Russian Ministry of Defense and the leadership of the country personally responsible for the incidents.

He promised to restore many cities

At the same time, Kadyrov believes, Russian troops in Izhevsk, Kubyansk and From Balagle “It doesn’t mean anything”. The Chechen warlord promised that these cities would be recaptured.

“Our people are already there, specially trained for this job.

10,000 more fighters are ready to go, and in the near future we will reach Odessa.

Ramzan Kadyrov said on his Telegram page.

Opening image: Tsarnaev / Sputnik / AFP said

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