November 29, 2022

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Kaczynski spoke about EU funds: they will consider some measures

The European Commission is essentially committing a constitutional breach From Poland In exchange for paying the funds of the recovery fund intended to rebuild after the coronavirus pandemic, he said according to the correspondent of MTI in Poland. Jaroslav KaczynskiThe leader of the leading Polish ruling party, in an interview on Wednesday.

EU funding will undoubtedly be useful to maintain Poland’s rapid growth, however, the country owes its current growth to EU resources only to a limited extent – the head of Law and Justice (PiS) responded to PAP. Polish Recovery plan fate

Kaczynski said the biggest problem during negotiations on withdrawing bailout funds was not Warsaw’s proposals, but the credibility of the other side. “The question is whether the talks are about specific issues or actively promoting the victory of the Polish opposition (in next autumn’s parliamentary elections).”

In essence, the commission demanded that the Warsaw government violate the Polish constitutional order. It shows what the true relationship of the European Union is to the rule of law, to sovereignty, to fundamental agreements – believes Kaczynski. Despite the approval of the Polish rescue plan by the European Commission and later by the EU Council in June this year, Brussels is negotiating the case with Warsaw from a position of strength. However, Poland is still showing flexibility by continuing negotiations while the money goes to it, Kaczynski underlined.

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They will take some action

The Polish side will consider “certain measures” if Brussels is determined to pay for the rescue fund and the seven-year EU budget. “Our constitution is the red line, we cannot violate the constitution,” the BIS president asserted.

The committee links the payment of restructuring funds to the fulfillment of so-called milestones included in the Polish restructuring plan. Warsaw and Brussels, however, have primarily different interpretations of the accomplishment of those “milestones.” Polish Court Reform are affected.


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