June 3, 2023

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Jedi: Survivor finally takes us inside the Star Wars bathroom

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Absolutely packed with fun new additions to the Star Wars universe. There is Torgle, your favorite little frog. There’s a space DJ and her sampling robot romping wild. And for the first time in Star Wars visual media, there’s a bona fide bathroom you can hang out in, in a way you can’t in real life, because that would be weird.

Granted, it isn’t Firstly A Star Wars bathroom ever filmed — that honor might go, oddly enough, to the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge theme park, where baths are “personalized” albeit limited in imagination by necessity, as they must be made for and adhere to by humans (land) sanitation laws.

Andor also Kind of He showed us the Star Wars bathrooms, but they were also prison cases: Spartan, functional, and not big on privacy. Similarly, the Shaving bladeDin Djarin’s ship in the first season of The MandalorianHe had a head for his long journeys which can be spotted in the background of the first episode.

bathrooms in My grandfather: the survivor, but? It’s the real deal, and perhaps a (somewhat sinister) representation of how most people in the Star Wars universe go. You can find it early in the game, next to the main entrance to the Pyloon Saloon (Greez Cantina) on the planet Koboh.

Photo: Respawn Entertainment/EA via Polygon

Head back this way and down the stairs, and you’ll see the dirty utilities waiting for you and other salon patrons.

Photo: Respawn Entertainment/EA via Polygon

And look! A proper stall provides you with privacy – none of that constant horse nonsense we have in most public restrooms IRL.

Photo: Respawn Entertainment/EA via Polygon

Check out local graffiti! Also look at the different things here. Looks like that one on the wall might be for the toilet paper, but maybe they use something else on the outer edge. This toilet is ready for you no matter what your end of business. What is that tube next to the bowl, you ask? I don’t know! None of my business, probably.

Photo: Respawn Entertainment/EA via Polygon

That sucks dirty ass! excellent. Star Wars is supposed Being a bit grumpy, this tub barely seems to get the job done. Do you think he even uses water? Should, right? Why do you have two other dispensers?

Photo: Respawn Entertainment/EA via Polygon

Is this a cleaner droid? Does he wear a tux at night?

Photo: Respawn Entertainment/EA via Polygon

I hope you found this photo article informative. Please do not take photos in any real public toilet you may find yourself in, no matter how new.

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