June 4, 2023

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Italian neophobicists saw the potential in vaccines

On Saturday, violence turned against those who had been vaccinated and wanted to enforce the security card. Demonstration In Rome. At least tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets to protest the government’s move to prevent a new corona virus outbreak.

At a demonstration on October 9, 2021, a man held up a toy doll in which needles and vaccines were used.


In Italy, they are relaxed in restrictions after the vaccine reaches eighty percent of the population. However, from October 15, safety certification will be mandatory in the public and private sectors, meaning those who have not yet been vaccinated will be suspended. Workers will not lose their jobs, but until they are vaccinated they will not be able to work or get paid.

The new measures will prevent the fourth wave from intensifying and the economy from stagnating or stumbling again. Prior to the conclusion, the government consulted with the unions and large corporations. The new rules have made it possible to open schools and no longer restrict the number of spectators in theaters from Monday. Security certification is still required everywhere. About 8 million people in the country have not even received the first vaccine.

The devastation of Saturday’s protest caused great outrage in the country. Social media sites are flooded with footage of hundreds attacking the Roman headquarters of CGIL, the largest Italian union. Unexpectedly the violent movement shocked the majority, and it is not hard to see that this disorder was started by a narrow group, most of them members of neo-fascist organizations. The Videos The headquarters appears to have been attacked by sticks, flagpoles, and firecrackers.

Neo-fascists in the head of troublemakers

As with previous anti-vaccination events, the Roman movement, the Roman leader of the neo-fascist movement, Forza Nouva (new force), Giuliano Castellino was in the movement on Saturday.
The leader of the organization, Roberto Fiore, claims to be a fascist and is believed to be Castellino’s accomplice. At an anti-mask demonstration a year ago, Fior said the war was of strategic importance to them. He added that they would respond to civil disobedience if necessary for every closure and restriction. Castellino said the participants in the demonstration were not fascists, but people, families, family heads who lost their jobs because of the closure.

Castellino has always wanted a more radical role, but so far he has not had much chance of leaving the neo-fascist system, and in addition to his modest talents, he has been prevented from committing crimes.
He was arrested on New Year’s Day 2015 because 30 crackers and a pound of cocaine were found in his home, but he escaped.

Giuliano Castellini (center) at a demonstration in Rome on October 9, 2021.


However, in January 2019, it crossed a threshold. Two journalists of the newspaper L’Espresso were attacked at a fascist memorial in Verno, along with Vincenzo Norduli, the head of another Italian neo-fascist organization, Avoncardia Nacionel. So for the first time he was sentenced to five years and six months in prison, still wearing a tracker on his ankle. Nouveau’s lawyers, who were in good spirits at the Castellino vaccination camp, were constantly active in reports, interviews, on social media, and wrote that he was a fascist, or an extreme right – winger, who was immediately prosecuted by the Forza.

Crowd large enough to stand on their edge

Not only in Rome, but in other parts of the country, the extremists found opportunity in the anti-vaccine population. They were at the forefront of the movements, establishing themselves as heroes of folk tales that fought the last for freedom, against oppression. Ironically, they are trying to sweeten people who compare the security card to forced racism or fascism. Their focus in this role is not on their own political vision, but on their worldview, but rather on the regime against their rule.

On July 27, 2021, Romanian leader Giuliano Costelino of Forza Nouva protested against the security card.

Photo: Andreas Solaro / AFP

Announcing that the attack on the union headquarters was unacceptable, Prime Minister Mario Draghi called on the CGIL general secretary to support his unity. On Saturday, Ricio Landini described the events of Saturday as an act of fascist forces and an attack on the democratic system. He recalled that they had so far resisted and would continue to oppose. He said it was time to dismantle such organizations.

The Italian leadership does not see Saturday’s events as an isolated event but as a serious threat. The Prime Minister spoke about the fact that some troublemakers cannot cause such a stir, so they are considering tightening the rules for mass events. Drake spoke about the need to conduct a thorough risk analysis before allowing demonstrations. He said he was free to express his opposition to everyone, but wanted to prevent the events from escalating again.

The Prime Minister is in talks Monday with Interior Minister Louisiana Lamorgis and Undersecretary of State Franco Gabrielle to analyze what went wrong with Saturday’s disruption. They must have made the mistake of greatly underestimating how many people will attend the demonstration. Approximately three thousand people were expected, and instead the police confronted at least ten thousand people. Although Castellino has repeatedly said he wants to capture CGIL, no one thinks the union should be protected against protesters by armored vehicles.

It’s no coincidence that Drake worries and wants to be better prepared for the days to come. Local unions are preparing for a general strike, and are organizing several demonstrations on social networks, including the Telegraph.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right League (League) and former Italian interior minister, spoke on Facebook about anti-fascism, anti-communism and anti-extremism. “We will not be on the streets on October 16,” he announced. “The violent right was arrested in Rome, the left in Milan, all violent criminals. I am anti-fascist, communist and extremist. We will be in the pavilions of the League, not in the square. Salvini did not participate in the union demonstration because he thought it was organized by the left, but how many people died on Saturday? He said he did not want to explain why there are 8 million people who have not been vaccinated, but he also believes that they have a right to express their views, adding that he does not want to confuse thousands of peaceful protesters with hundreds of criminals responsible for disorderly conduct.

Police arrested Castellino and Fior, along with ten others, including a former member of the Italian neo-fascist terrorist organization Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari, which operated until 1981. Eight law enforcement members were injured in the clashes. Further arrests are expected in this case, and video recordings made at the scene of the attack are currently being analyzed.

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