November 29, 2022

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Italian Energy Minister: There is enough gas for the winter, the problem is something else

He hopes the winter won’t be too cold.

Cingolani’s comments came after Russian gas giant Gazprom announced on Saturday that it would stop supplying gas to Italy via a pipeline through Austria because the Austrian grid operator did not confirm supply levels. All this was confirmed by Italian energy provider ENI on Sunday afternoon. ENI stressed in its statement that the situation is expected to remain unchanged until October 4. Normally, Russian gas arrives in Tarvisi via Austria via pipeline to Italy and is distributed from there.

Before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, Italy met about 40 percent of its gas needs with Russian gas.. However, the government of outgoing Prime Minister Mario Draghi has decided to become independent of Russian gas supplies. During the summer, it concluded an increased natural gas supply agreement with, for example, Algeria, which has now become Italy’s most important gas supplier.. In recent months, only 25 percent of Italy’s gas needs were met by Russian exports, with most gas flowing from there to Austria.

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