September 29, 2023

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It was revealed why the Czech leader fell ill

Surgeon Professor Pavel Bafko, a member of the Medical Council that oversees the president’s treatment, told Czech Civil Service Radio on Friday that Czech President Milos Zeman has cirrhosis.

The 77-year-old Czech president has been receiving treatment at Prague Central Military Hospital since October 10, joining Frequency 1 radio a few hours ago. He said in an interview You feel completely normal because you are not under as much pressure as before.

“My condition is caused by anorexia and poor digestion. The steps taken by the hospital doctors have now made me feel completely normal,” Zeman said on the radio.

“As for anorexia, it is one of the symptoms of liver disease. Anorexia and weight loss are common features of such disease,” the medical professor explained. The therapist added.

Pavel Bafko said the head of state’s health had improved during the hospital treatment. Referring to the hospital’s director and the president’s medical doctor, Miroslav Zavorl, Pafko said Milos Zeman still needed at least three or four or two people to be treated at the hospital.

The head of the Medical Council, Thomas Jima, issued a similar statement on Saturday to the Czech daily Bravo. According to him, for the time being the president can only perform his duties to a certain extent. “We maintain the position that the President has not yet been able to serve with full force. However, it does do a few things. It all depends on him, ”he said. (MTI)

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