August 13, 2022

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Israeli spies dust off Iranian revolutionary guards

A senior Iranian official told the New York Times that Israel has infiltrated Iran’s intelligence agencies and that its activities have fundamentally shaken them in recent months. Released Wednesday Article He cites the recent ouster of the Islamic State’s intelligence chief and the secret arrest of a high – ranking general accused of spying for Israel as examples of growing paranoia and growing distrust in Iran.

Severe loss of confidence

Former Iranian Vice President Mohamed Ali Abdahi, who lives in Tehran, told the newspaper that Israeli actions had severely undermined confidence in the country’s security establishment. “Israel’s large-scale actions have actually undermined our strong intelligence system,” he said.

“The strength of our security has always been a cornerstone of the Islamic Republic, and it has been severely damaged over the past year,” Abdahi said, adding that the Iranian security establishment was now looking for a new approach. According to the leading newspaper, unnamed Iranian officials also acknowledged that “Israel’s spy network has penetrated deep into the ranks of Iranian security circles.”

The possible return of Benjamin Netanyahu could escalate tensions between Israel and Iran. Photo: MTI / EPA Pool / Abir Sultan

There are all indications that Israel is pursuing the Revolutionary Guard Force (IRGC) as part of a deliberate tactic to create a fierce conflict between Iran’s political and security establishment. The end of Iran It changes Hossain Tabet, the IRGC’s intelligence chief, who has been in office for more than 12 years, is the result of Israel’s long and successful campaign.

Istanbul defeated

Thap appeared untouchable in the face of the many large-scale political assassinations that took place against Israel and before. Failure Iran’s plan to attack Israelis in Turkey. The defeat of the conspiracy of the Israeli and Turkish security forces was the last straw for Tehran’s political leaders, who abruptly removed Tabet from office.

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In parallel, General Ali Nasiri, one of the senior commanders of the Revolutionary Guards, secretly Was arrested He is suspected of spying for Israel. Iranian officials aware of Naziri’s detention told the US newspaper that he was detained earlier this month, two months after dozens of Iranian Defense Ministry personnel were arrested on suspicion of leaking classified materials to Israel. According to the article, the leaked information also includes maps of the missiles.

According to the Times, Nasiri held a senior position in the IRGC’s Information Security Division, which is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Corps. His arrest came as a shock to senior Iranian officials, who had previously expressed concern about Thap. His position has become unacceptable since Israel exposed its conspiracy against its Turkish citizens.

Tel-Aviv has reportedly told Ankara that Tayyip was behind the planned attacks.

The killer spiral

Iran and Israel have been waging a shadow war on each other for years, but tensions have risen following a series of high-profile incidents in Israel. Many members and scientists of the IRGC have been killed in recent weeks, and Iran has often pointed to Israel.

It is said that Iran He suspectsIsrael killed two Iranian scientists by poisoning their food a few weeks ago. The job details of the men, the circumstances under which they died and their relationship with the government are not clear. The IRGC said in a statement that Ali Kamani, a member of the Guardian Air Force, was killed on June 13 while en route to the Comein in central Marrakesh province, but no details were released.

The success of the Iranian offensive also depends on the unity of the leadership of the Iranian military.  Photo: MTI / EPA / Iranian Army The success of the Iranian offensive also depends on the unity of the leadership of the Iranian military. Photo: MTI / EPA / Iranian Army
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IRNA is a state news agency According to In early June, Colonel Ali Esmoilsade, commander of the Goods Brigade, IRGC’s outdoor operations unit, “died in an accident at his home.” Also on May 22, 50-year-old IRGC Colonel Hassan Sajjad Kodei was shot dead five times by motorists in front of his home in the eastern part of the Iranian capital. According to Iranian state television, Kodai was a member of the Goods Army and a “known” figure in Syria, where Iran admitted sending “military advisers”.

The IRGC called Khodaei a “temple guard” – used to fight in Syria or Iraq on behalf of the Islamic Republic – and accused the “Zionists” of assassination and revenge. Late last month, under unexplained circumstances, an engineer was killed and another employee wounded at Iran’s Porsche military base. The New York Times reports that a suicide bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a military base. Iran says the man was killed in “industrial sabotage.”

Secrets of cyber warfare

There have been a number of physical and cyber attacks on nuclear and industrial facilities in recent months, with Israel and Iran following suit. Secret Internet War, Which occasionally explodes on the surface. Cyber ​​attack on 3 major steel companies in Iran on Monday.

Observers say Israel is directly responsible for the massacre in retaliation for a cyber attack that allegedly fired missile sirens in Jerusalem and Elat last week. Naphtali Bennett resigned as prime minister on Tuesday WarnedAnyone attempting a cyber attack on Israel will pay a “huge price”.

“Attitude with our adversaries, especially Iran … is not destructive in Tehran – it has never been our policy. It is our policy to pay the price if anyone incites Israel,” Bennett told a conference in Tel Aviv in Cyberweek.

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