June 1, 2023

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Is Putin Using a Ploy to Mobilize Russian Men?

Russian lawyers They warned the public not to come to the recruitment office when called, because they can be taken into service. It’s about subpoenas According to data compiled from screenshots and photos More and more summonses are received, mainly by Russian reservists and university students who have postponed it because of their studies. Compulsory military service after enlistment.

Do not disobey under any circumstances!

Go by the Forest, an anti-Russian war organization, was formed to prevent Russians from mobilizing in Ukraine, while Radio Free Liberty He came to knowThat

At least one reservist was sent to boot camp immediately after reporting to the military office to update his records.

According to documents sent in the post, men eligible for military service should go to a recruiting office near where they live for information matching, but the Go by the Forest organization encourages young men. Under no circumstances should they appear at a specified location.

Human violation or empty request

Russian legal experts and activists believe the data update is part of the recruitment of New Deal players. To fight in Ukraine, experts believe that the Russian military wants to create databases based on which they can stay up-to-date in the event of a new wave of mass mobilization. As in September, they wanted to add 300,000 new soldiers to the battlefield.

With the new campaign, Russia’s government aims to replenish and expand its ranks after suffering heavy losses on the battlefield last year.

The Kremlin will meet this year, according to some Russian officials who spoke on condition of anonymity 400 thousand He wants to sign new players to his official staff They will serve for about three years.

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April fool

Data Matching Recruitment coincides this year Due on 1st April By being called up for spring military service in Russia, this to the Kremlin Can serve as an effective cover story For optional combinations.

Now, if the person coming to data matching says that he has applied for military service, the doubt that conscription is actually happening is removed.

It may also prevent mass emigration of military-age men overseas from the second wave of demobilization. The Kremlin denied reports of a mobilization, and regional offices said the increase in subpoenas was part of standard protocol.

The number of new volunteers has been lower than expected in many regions, but there is no sign that the Kremlin’s determination to sustain the war has waned.