September 29, 2023

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Is it worth taking to market when the Russian bear roars at the gates?

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That is what has happened so far Unprecedented in post-World War II history, at least in Europe. One country basically declared war on another country by failing to recognize its borders. According to Tuesday’s news, Russian troops are already in the secluded territories, within the official borders of Ukraine, but the possibility of more serious intervention has greatly increased.

Thus, a more serious military conflict hangs in the air, while Russia is one of the world’s most important energy exporters, and planned sanctions against it are in view. For markets in countries that are not directly affected, this could mean huge revenue losses in many sectors. Gas and oil prices, which have already plummeted due to the energy crisis, will rise further. All of this could even lead to another severe economic crisis. So it does not matter what the course of events is.

The article is about:

  • USA: Uncertainty
  • Germany: Under support
  • Russia: Suicide
  • Oil: Stagnation

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