June 6, 2023

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Intex – Tech-Science – These safety parts will be mandatory on all new cars from July

A variety of safety parts will be mandatory from July, without which the new car cannot be sold. In the TotalCar newsletter, we will look at what these are and also have a quick starter for buying a used car. It also reveals why Renault switched from Lada and how the Moscow brand can be reborn.

Do you know what a brilliant travel control system or event recorder does in a car? Otherwise, you will find that you can not sell a new car without them from July. Overall Nine security add-ons are mandatory:

Of course, in new car production, buying anything will not be easy. Instead, many return to what they used to, so we created one Quick startIt’s worth reviewing because it takes you through the process from idea to booking:

Renault will leave Russia altogether, and if they have already decided, so will Lata They are sold. The new owner of AvtoVAZ will be NAMI, and the Renault plant will be acquired by the City of Moscow:

If they already have a cold factory, they will try to take advantage of it. At least the Moscow mayor has already said so Moscow will revive the brand:

The development of Porsche’s electric sports car has reached another stage, which is a significant milestone. They showed active, self-running movement Prototype:

(Cover image: Totalcar)

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