June 6, 2023

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During SpaceX’s first civilian crew on Inspiration (Inspiration 4), amateur astronauts encountered a problem in a closed toilet in a dragon capsule during a three-day orbit. At the time, the company did not specify what the problem was, after which a pipe was loosened so that the urine and feces entering the toilet could not be properly removed by the suction fan, so the final product actually went near it.

SpaceX will launch its fourth human mission on Sunday, October 31 (Team-3) On behalf of NASA, and the space agency and Elon Musk had to ensure that the problem around the Dragon Toilet would not be launched from the Kennedy Space Center or ruin the path and link to the International Space Station. Similarly, the dragon, which is currently stationed at ISS, had to be inspected to make sure there were no problems for the astronauts returning from the station after six months.

William Kirstenmeyer, former NASA employee, is the current Vice President of SpaceX Said, Solved the toilet problem by replacing the used part of the bundle with a completely ignited tank. Inspiraton4 relaxed during flight. The built-in toilet of the Crew Dragon capsules transports human feces through a tube into a container in which it is stored. During the Inspiration 4 flight, the glued fit of the tube was released, and as a result, the exhaust from the astronauts entered the suction system operating the toilet, as well as near the tank. To prevent this from happening, the previously glued part of the pipe was replaced with a welded one; NASA is currently reviewing the amendments.

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Fortunately, the Inspiration 4 aircraft did not have any problems with the bug, however, upon its return, it found dirt from the SpaceX toilet under several cover panels.

In the Dragon capsule, which is currently parked on the ISS, very little urine may have leaked under the panels, Gerstenmaier further explained. This is because, while the Inspiration 4 spent three days orbiting in space, the crew flew only one day between launch and dock at the International Space Station, so the crew made less use of their space veils. Regardless, SpaceX and NASA are conducting tests on the Crew-2 return capsule, the results of which are expected by Friday. Steve Stitch, manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew program that manages business space travel, said they were looking for small signs such as minimal pressure and temperature changes that could indicate a problem with urine leaking from the bathroom. Space station crews inspected the capsule’s toilet with a boreoscope, and ground crews also tested the corrosive effect of sputtering aluminum on the capsule chopped at the space station.

NASA had previously said that they would ask him to go to the toilet in Crew-2 ISS before leaving and try to stop him on the way.

After Inspiraton4 flew, not only the fabric but also the reusable parachutes were reinforced by SpaceX for the Crew-3. It has already been verified by NASA and everything is OK with the repairs.

Crew-3 Commander Raja Sari, Pilot Tom Marshburn, Mission Specialist Kayla Baron and all NASA astronauts. The fourth session of the Dragon capsule, not yet flown, will be occupied by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Matthias Moore. The astronauts named their dragon Endurance. The astronauts are already making their final preparations in Florida, and if everything goes as planned and is successfully launched on Sunday, they will arrive at the space station by November 1, where they will be on duty until April 2022. The next Dragon capsule is scheduled to come with their switch.

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Shane Kimberly (NASA), Megan McArthur (NASA), Akihiko Hoside (JAXA) and Thomas Pesquet (ESA) are on the ISS on a six-month voyage from April this year. The Group-2 He plans to return to Earth on November 4 or 5 in the Dragon capsule.

Although the Dragon capsule used by the Crew-3 is completely new, this work will begin with the already used Falcon 9 missile vehicle. The spacecraft and rocket have already been assembled and the first phase test has been launched Carried out Kennedy Space Center launch pad at 39A.