March 25, 2023

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Index – Tech-Science – Omigran’s new feature on festive lunch is truly astonishing

Although recent research shows that Omigron has a weaker tendency than previous variants, we can still not breathe it because the record-breaking mutation has unpleasant surprises. Experts have discovered a new symptom in Omigran, which is very bitter about the festive mood.

The Omigran variant has more mutations than ever before, so various complaints are reported by patients. Common symptoms Owns

  • மூக்கடைப்பு,
  • Sore throat,
  • Neck muscle pain

It also disrupts intestinal function, however, causing less damage to the lungs than previous versions. According to the UK Health Security Agency, victims of the new variant are 50 to 70 percent less likely to be hospitalized than those in Delta.

A ZOE Covit Symptom Study The researchers studied patients affected by the new variant and compared the symptoms with data from patients with delta variation. Loss of taste and odor from the eruption has been linked to covit-19, but the most common side effects of the Omigron variant are still minimal. Instead, there is a new side effect that can be particularly striking during the festive season.

Omigron causes loss of appetite and lethargy.

Loss of classic symptoms such as fever, cough and loss of taste and smell occurred in only 50 percent of omigran-infected individuals and was replaced by loss of appetite. They warn everyoneSince the fast-spreading Omigran variant is unpredictable as to what severe symptoms will occur later, let no one confuse Govit with average cold.

Continuous mutations Especially infectious. Health experts say wearing more masks can prevent delta and omicron, and it has already been proposed to pull off two masks. Double (textile) masks better cover the gaps at the edges, thus providing multi-layer protection against infection, but duplicating medical masks is not recommended as they do not fit exactly to the face.

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Will the fourth vaccine come?

The first is the lower form According to British data Within ten weeks of the third Pfizer vaccine, its protective effect against the Omigran variant is significantly reduced. Researchers have found that within ten weeks, the coverage provided by the three vaccines will drop from 70 percent to 45 percent, so they are now exploring the need for a fourth vaccine.

The possibility of a fourth vaccine has already been raised on the neighborhood side – a National Vaccine Authority This may be necessary due to Omigran in Austria. The Corona virus vaccine – Literary browser According to a recommendation shared on Facebook, “In the absence of scientific data, an additional (4th) vaccine is currently not commonly recommended. However, considering the threatening Omigran wave in high-risk areas (e.g., health workers at risk of infection) and in areas of social crisis, it (i.e. the 4th vaccine) may be given 6 months after the 3rd vaccination.

In Portugal, too, this variant causes nearly two-thirds of new cases, and in 10 million countries, the number of new infections rises to more than 10,000 a day. However, the death toll and the number of people admitted to the intensive care unit did not rise. Vaccination is very high in the country, with about 87 percent of the population being vaccinated, which is far ahead of the entire European Union.

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