July 7, 2022

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Index – Tech-Science – Although he was not there, he was affected by three million people

Causing an accident is an unpleasant thing, but worse, if you do nothing, you are still a burden of three million. We will present such a thing in the TotalCar newsletter, but there will also be a discussion about why driving is more expensive and which Audi operates on which charging network.

Imagine the situation: You have been informed that nearly three million claims have been settled at the expense of your compulsory insurance. You caused an accident in Serbia. But you know you were not even in that country at the time. In our article We present such a case:

The 2023 draft budget has been submitted and motorists will certainly not be able to enjoy every detail without the clouds. Due to increasing customs duties, special taxes and tax hikes It can be expensive Transportation:

Peugeot has put the use of the Rifter on its head. This is because petrol and diesel engines were discarded and the model was only offered with an electric drive. From our test It turns out that the pros and cons have changed:

In the construction of the luxury charging network Works in Audi. If it takes time to charge a toxic electric car battery, owners can at least happily spend this time. With diet or exercise:

Pro4Motion The latest version of Volkswagen ID.4 comes in the name. It’s a bit more reasonable design than the GTX, but the all-wheel drive is not saved:

(Cover: Gajdan Miklos / Totalcar)

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