February 1, 2023

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Index – Science – Here’s a map that collects which celebrities are connected to your birthplace

An interactive map tells you the answer: Sean Connery in Edinburgh, Barack Obama in Honolulu, Freddie Mercury in Zanzibar. Who could have guessed Budapest?

Researchers at the University of Paris have created an incredible interactive map that, based on Wikipedia and Wikidata data, tells you which cities have the most prominent natives. The map was masterminded by Toby Djuganov, a researcher and geographer at Mapbox, whose study was published in Nature in June.

Morgane Laouénan, head of the research group, said the goal was to create the most comprehensive and accurate database of famous people. Wiki data collected included the size and length of entries, the average number of views per person (between 2015 and 2018), and the total amount of external links tracked. This is how they got the most important personalities of the world’s cities.

Users can view the city’s most prominent people of interest across four categories: culture, science, politics and sports. But we can select the “all” group, which will reveal the most important person.

In many places, the results exceeded our expectations, for example, in the British capital, the most important person born in London was not a member of the royal family, but Charlie Chaplin. If we look at the results of several English cities, we can observe the diversity of famous people: Roald Dahl is the most important Cardiff, Mel B Leeds, Oscar Wilde Dublin, Judi Dench represent York, but it is worth looking at. In the US: In Texas, Selena Gomez, Tommy Lee Jones and Beyoncé are the most prominent, while in Florida Ariana Grande, Jim Morrison and Tommy Petty top the list. Pop stars dominate!

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In the Czech Republic, Freud In Italy Leonardo is the winner. But not only artists and scientists are among the important names, for example Austria is represented by Hitler with Schwarzenegger and Romania by Nicolae Ceausescu.

We can guess the famous native of Iceland, of course Björk, but it is surprising that Rafael Nadal is the most prominent in Monaco, not a member of the famous princely family, as in our country there is no Béla Bartók. Puskas, above.

(Cover image: Freddie Mercury in 1982. Photo: Steve Jennings / WireImage / Getty Images)