September 29, 2023

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Index – Overseas – Record number of casualties caused by hurricane in the United States

If the fears come true, it will be the worst hurricane of the last hundred years, Storm system, Which spread to six federal states in the country on Friday night.

The hurricane also devastated Kentucky, Mississippi, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas, and Governor Andy Bezier was aware that more than 80 people had died in Kentucky alone, but the death toll could rise to more than 100, he said. Some cities have simply disappeared. I mean, he’s gone. The politician said half of my father’s hometown was lost there, and was asked if rescue teams were searching for a home for the survivors. There are no houses, ”Andy Bessier replied with a sigh. More than 50,000 people Left without electricity Due to the hurricane.

In Mayfield, Kentucky, most of the lives may have been lost in the collapse of the candle factory. One hundred and ten people were working at the plant preparing for the pre-Christmas attack when the storm hit, and although they were evacuated to a safe place, only 40 of them should have survived the natural disaster. It would be a miracle if we could bring someone else out alive. Where the roof was, a four-and-a-half-foot-tall mass of steel now rises with the cars swept away by the storm, wiping out the politician’s situation.

He confirmed that the dead included a three-year-old child and a five-year-old child.

Meanwhile, in Edwardsville, Illinois, the Amazon warehouse building collapsed, dragging at least six people. Four in Tennessee, 2-2 in Arkansas and Missouri, certainly died as a result of the punishment. In Monet, Arkansas, a nursing home was hit by a hurricane where nurses used their bodies to rescue the elderly from the rubble of a crumbling building.

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The United States was also shocked by the news of the catastrophe because December was not a hurricane month, it was too cold for a natural phenomenon to develop. By comparison, about 30 hurricanes have wreaked havoc in the six federal states involved, and in terms of the length of the route, the fact that everything on the way from Arkansas to Kentucky 320 has dried up is almost a record. Miles. He did a significant part of his trip to Kentucky, quoting Northern Illinois University meteorologist Victor Jensen. AP News agency.

For his part, Dean Chriswell, head of FEMA’s Federal Emergency Response Agency To CNN-en You have to get used to severe storms, he said, adding that it will be “new normal” due to climate change.

Family photo 209 miles from Dawson Springs, Kentucky, to New Albany, Indiana. Flew Wind.

One of the worst moments when Illinois was announced dead was when, in a similar case, the company’s management released a statement on Instagram this morning expressing its condolences to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Instead, he posts about how his space travel company Blue Origin’s current customers were ejected by a rocket called the New Shepherd.

Through his Instagram post, Jeff Bezos has angered some, and received a lot of criticism on Twitter while defending the families of victims at the Edwardsville Depot on Sunday morning, more than a day after the natural disaster. Someone searched, apparently claiming to be the founder of an online trading company Worst hard Treats everyone who works at the company.

Fear of rising to more than 100 deaths in Kentucky alone could set even a tragic record for Hurricane Andy on Friday Ten is deadly In the history of America. Most recently, ten years ago, on May 22, 2011, a hurricane devastated more than a hundred people in the United States. In Joplin, Missouri, 158 people died at the time.

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(Cover image: Post-Hurricane Debris in Mayfield, December 12, 2021. Photo: Typhoon Goskun / Anatoly Agency / Getty Images)