September 27, 2023

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Index – Overseas – Corona Virus in the World – Monday Newsletter

Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger, who published the idea on social media, says that compulsory vaccination of people over 60 is the way out of the disease.

The decision about an epidemic should be made by those responsible and negotiated with experts. It is not a matter of political opinion, it is a matter of facts and experience. In this the ruling coalition must be united

– Written by the Prime Minister of neighboring Hungary. In his post, the Prime Minister stressed that if the residents want positive change, the reforms must be carried out with the support of the entire coalition.

The Index As members agreed to introduce the lockout on November 25, the Slovak ruling coalition had previously stated that there was no consensus on epidemic management, but not in the transition from education to online, with former Prime Minister Igor Madovic repeatedly opposing the full closure. There is no meaning in addition to attendance training.

Edward Hecker wrote that his plan was to make Slovakia a popular country, but acknowledged that the alliance was often self-defeating. New word.

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