September 29, 2023

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Index – Overseas – comes with oral Pfizer, which is more effective than the vaccine

The manufacturer hopes that everyone will have access to the tablet as soon as possible, which should be taken with the previously developed drug Ridonavir when the first symptoms appear. The company refers to and shows the results of the study carried out before the end of the tests

In 89 percent of cases, you were able to prevent anyone from going to the hospital or the virus needed your life.

Experiments were performed on adults from particularly vulnerable groups. They were given new medicine for three to five days after the symptoms appeared, and some even got placebo. According to the study, only 0.8 percent of those treated with the pill and ridonavir combination were hospitalized within four weeks, or only three out of 389 patients. In contrast, for those receiving placebo alone, the rate reached seven percent, which means that 27 out of 385 people had to be hospitalized later.

Seven of those treated with placebo died, while none of those treated with the test pill and ridonavir died. It is a protein degrading enzyme currently designed to stop or inhibit an enzyme needed for virus multiplication.

Albert Borla, CEO of Pfizer a To CNN Said:

I think this is a great day for humanity!

He then went on to say that their antiviral test pill, if allowed, would save lives, reduce symptoms caused by the virus, and prevent the patient from being admitted to the hospital in nine out of ten cases.

Reliable test results, exploding stocks

The announcement came a day after he was in the UK Licensed by Merkel Molnupravir, which works on a similar principle but is only 50% effective. The British have already ordered 480,000 Merck tablets and built 250,000 pieces of the new Pfizer formulation.

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Following the announcement, Pfizer shares were listed on the stock exchange, with bonds rising eleven percent in the short term. At the same time, the news reduced the value of Merck shares by 8.5 percent Reuters.

At Pfizer, they said they would not wait until the tests were completed in the wake of the most promising test results, but would submit their application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which holds the test data, before November 25th. Date.