March 28, 2023

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Index – Home – Staff changes in several ministries, National Chief Veterinary Officer continues as Commissioner

Prime Minister A In the Hungarian Gazette In his published conclusion Dr. Lajos Levente Bognár, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, was removed due to his resignation.

Victor Orban at the same time as Dr. Beta Felkay appointed Olga Felkay as Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture effective September 2. Until now, Dr. Peta Olga Felkai was the head of the Department of Food Economics and Quality Policy at the State Secretariat.

Sándor Pintér also got a new Deputy Secretary of State. From 1 September the Prime Minister appointed László Radomski on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior. He previously headed the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county branch of the General Directorate of Social and Child Protection.

Serious challenges

Recent years have presented serious challenges to all segments of the food chain, to which we must respond, so in the future the oversight of food chain safety will be managed by the National Chief Veterinarian as Ministerial Commissioner, and the new Deputy Secretary of State will be responsible for strengthening the work of food economics and trade to increase supply security, Index announced.

The Minister of Agriculture recalled that both the Corona virus pandemic and the war raging in our neighborhood need to improve supply security, while at the same time strengthening food chain protection against increasingly aggressive animal health epidemics. Numerous Hungarian people and businesses in both regions are subjected to intense scrutiny every day.

The doctor resigned after 12 years. Lajos is gone

To strengthen the division of responsibilities, the head of the department, Dr. National Chief Veterinarian Lajos Bognar is to oversee the food chain safety area as a ministerial commissioner.

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To increase supply security, the development of food economy and trade is also necessary – the head of the ministry underlined, so in the future, a new but already proven expert, Dr. Olga Peta Felkai performs the duties of Deputy Secretary of State.