June 10, 2023

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Index – Foreign – Joe Biden: I’m ready to negotiate with Putin

U.S. President Joe Biden has no immediate plans to contact Vladimir Putin, but has said he is willing to talk only if the Russian president is interested in ending the war in Ukraine and in consultation with NATO allies.

I don’t plan to contact Putin right away

– Biden told a press conference at the White House after a meeting with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron.

I am ready to talk to Putin if he really decides to end the war. He hasn’t done that yet

said the US President.

Biden and Macron pledged to work together to address the economic crisis caused by the conflict. The US president said: “There is only one way to end this war, in a rational way: Putin withdraws from Ukraine.

“It doesn’t seem to do it. You pay a very heavy price for not doing it,” he said.

Joe Biden’s first official visit since inauguration

This will be the first official visit between France and the United States since Joe Biden took office in early 2021. In a joint statement issued after their talks, the two leaders said they were committed to holding Russia accountable for “widely documented atrocities and war crimes committed by both its regular armed forces and its proxies in Ukraine.”

France and the United States will stand behind Vladimir Putin’s victories and defend the democratic values ​​and universal human rights that are at the heart of our two countries.

Joe Biden said. He added: “That doesn’t mean we agree on everything, we agree on almost everything.”

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Macron said the two countries have a common responsibility to protect democracies on both sides of the ocean and “to face together the direct and indirect consequences of the war in Ukraine.”

The US proposal could tear the West apart

Macron is expected to raise French and European concerns about subsidies included in Biden’s $430 billion anti-inflation bill. By the way, this program provides massive subsidies for goods manufactured in the United States.

European leaders say the package of laws Biden signed in August is unfair to non-U.S. companies and will deal a major blow to their economies as Europe grapples with the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

At a meeting with US lawmakers on Wednesday, Macron said the law was “too aggressive” against European companies, according to one attendee who spoke to Reuters. Macron told the French community in Washington that the costs of the war in Ukraine were the highest in Europe.

It could tear the West apart

he thought. So far, however, there’s been no sign that Biden is ready to budge.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said of European concerns, “This legislation provides significant opportunities for European companies and benefits the EU’s energy security.”

Gift discs, first dates and a fallen tree

As Claude Lelouch 1966, French President Emmanuel Macron did not go to a meeting empty-handed. Home and Une Femme He presented vinyl and CD versions of the film’s soundtrack to the President of the United States and his wife (a man and a woman). The Elysee Palace announced that the Bidens saw the film on their first date.

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Joe and Jill Biden presented Macron and his wife with a unique mirror made from a fallen tree near the White House, as well as unique vinyl records of major American musicians.

The official dinner, held in one of the White House pavilions, featured music by John Baptist, Napa Valley Chardonnay, and cheeses from Oregon, California and Wisconsin.

(Cover image: Press conference of Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron on December 1, 2022. Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters)