September 30, 2022

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Index – Foreign Countries – Russia’s War in Ukraine – Index’s Tuesday News Brief

Rules related to the Black Sea Corridor, created for the purpose of Ukrainian grain exports, were made public on Monday, for example, no military vehicle can approach ships within a ten-nautical-mile radius – MTI reported.

An agreement to resume Ukrainian grain exports was signed by the Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian militaries and the UN. It also covers the security of vessels passing through the Bosphorus, overseen by a representative Joint Coordination Center (JCC).

According to the final agreement, the JCC regularly informs the parties involved in the grain transport of the exact location of the vessels and the route, so that both the Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish militaries can protect them and ensure ten nautical miles (18.5 kilometers). Safe zone for ships with humanitarian sea salt.

The document states that participants may not attack commercial or other civilian vessels or ports engaged in this effort.

Both Russia and Ukraine are among the world’s most important grain exporters. Ukrainian grain exports to the Black Sea have been halted since the war in Ukraine began in February, which according to the UN World Food Program (WFP) has already left some 47 million people with severe hunger worldwide. An agreement brokered by the UN and Turkey to resume grain exports was reached last month.

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