February 3, 2023

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Index – Foreign Countries – Russia’s War in Ukraine – Index’s Tuesday News Brief

The Hungarian Office of the UNICEF Regional Ukrainian Refugee Program supports HUF 480 million for the care of those who fled to Debrecen due to the Russo-Ukrainian war; The agreement in this regard was signed on Monday by Pilar González Ramos, coordinator of the UNICEF program, and László Pop (Fidesz).KDNP) Mayor at the Local Family and Child Welfare Centre.

Cooperation, the mayor said, would improve long-term care for those who came to Debrecen before the war. In the city, they have been caring for a significant number of Ukrainian refugees for several months, while they have supported the poor people of their sister cities such as Perekshas, ​​Kharkiv and Ungvar with direct donations, and their help in post-war reconstruction. .

“After UNICEF gave its cooperation, a serious program was developed, which included strengthening the mental health of refugee children and supporting families through them,” the mayor pointed out, according to MTI.

Of the HUF 480 million grant, more than HUF 200 million will go to the local primary care and health promotion agency, which will collaborate with spiritual support, screening tests, exercise programs, and individual and group mental health development programs. Also in place of the supported Dorkász association.

In addition, the institute’s clinic on Szent Anna street is being modernized, where local children are cared for in addition to Ukrainian refugees.

– told László Papp, the mobile professional teams of the city’s Family Protection Center provide services to those in need, and the EU-Roma National Association takes care of their care and food.

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Since the start of the war, the humanitarian situation for children in Ukraine has steadily deteriorated, Pilar González Rams said:

60 percent of children have run away from home to other parts of the country or to neighboring countries.

In this context, UNICEF considers ensuring children’s rights to be the most important task, and they work to ensure that all children have access to adequate protection, health services and education.